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2008-02-29 - 11:14 p.m.

I'm such a nerd. Why? Because the only reason I'm writing in here now is because February 29th doesn't happen very often, and I wrote an entry and made mention of it last time.

The last week at work wasn't quite as good as the one before, although the week itself included some great news. Jo's been offered a job back in Sydney and they want her to start at the end of March, and she'll be flying in on Good Friday Morning. Yay! It's with a different company- she like me has only ever really worked for one company (if you don't count selling chocolates or filling shelves) so it's a big thing. And a big promotion, at least financially, which will be good for the whole wedding thing. I think this news is why I didn't feel like I had a great week at work (in terms of doing the best job possible)- I was too distracted. This may be the case for the next couple of weeks as well. So for Jo there's the stress of leaving the familiar behind workwise, and packing up a life over there in 3 weeks, and stepping into unknown territory back here- but hopefully that's all balanced out by being happy to be back here with me.

What else is there to say about the week? Monday after work I went for a run by myself, did the whole thing for a second time straight, which was good because it means I'm not just relying on Nathan to push me. Then I made a saffron and onion roast lamb for dinner, which I'd marinated the night before (speaking of the night before, the rabbit was also good).

Tuesday I cooked ribs on the BBQ for Nathan- Lucy was off at the Beach Road Hotel. Yes the only thing I have to write about is what I had for dinner, but I must say I was impressed by the standard of dinner this week. Wednesday (to keep to the theme) I made a very nice fish fillet on Lucy's instruction (she made the salad but had to brave the elements and get to the gym). There was some serious rain, hail and lightning (actually, maybe the hail was Tuesday but there was definitely some serious lightning on Wednesday), but it more or less died down by the time I drove up to trivia at 8pm. It was just Rowan and I, and we came second, which we were very happy about.

Thursday I made some awesome marinated quails on the BBQ, then went up to music trivia with Annie. We're more or less making it a regular thing, and I don't think there's any reason that should stop when Jo gets back. I might have mentioned in one of my last entries that it would mean a lot to me if all 3 of us were okay together, and were all able to put the past behind us. I think we all have, it's just a matter of being in the same place now. Incidentally Annie and I didn't go particularly well in music trivia- I think we know a lot of the same stuff while Rowan and I fill in the gaps for each other.

Today Nathan and I went for the best run ever (that sounds so...something). Added about 15 mins and more than 2km to our usual route (what else can you do when you can already run the whole route but expand it) and I had enough energy for a sprint at the end. My feet are pretty blistered right now mind you. We spent about an hour deciding what to do for dinner before Nathan, Lucy and I went to King Street for Korean BBQ. And that's the last food reference for this entry. In fact, that's all I have to say. We finished dinner, resisted the Townie and went home. And now it's not even midnight- I might watch an "Angel" or two.


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