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2008-02-24 - 7:17 p.m.

So what else has been happening for the past fortnight? Went for a couple of runs after work- I'm trying to stick to at least one per week- I'm finding it hard to consistently manage more than that as well as cooking at home a majority of the time, having an increasing number of regular social events on weeknights (I'm going to have to start choosing between normal trivia and music trivia- I can't keep doing both), staying back at work from time to time, and occasionally just sitting around watching DVDs.

After catching up with Annie on Wednesday 13/2, I was back at the Townie for music trivia and to catch up with Chris the next night. I really didn't want to eat at the Townie 2 nights in a row, but I hadn't seen Chris in ages, and he was keen to get there before trivia started and have dinner and a couple of drinks. The bistro tends to change hands about once a year, and this is not one of the better incarnations. Nathan came along as well, as did Rowan for the second round, and we won ($100 on my Townie card, which Annie and I made a dent in the next week).

Friday night I talked to Jo for a while on the phone- it was Valentine's Day in the US (I got flowers and chocolates delivered to her work), made my 2 hour spaghetti bolognese and had Nathan around for dinner (he went for a run but I figured talking to Jo was more important- I forgot to even mention that in my opening paragraph of excuses why I don't run more often). He went off to meet Cameron at the Annandale, but I was keen to have a quiet night for a change, especially seeing as how I was going to Mark's party the next night.

Saturday (16/2) Lucy and I went to Darling Harbour to check out the Chinese Gardens as a potential venue for the Wedding Ceremony. Lucy was threatening to get a t-shirt made up saying "Not the Bride" or something similar, but didn't get around to it. I would say that the Gardens were perfect except for the fact that the largest space they have fits 120 people, and that will be hard for us to manage. There were heaps of spots for good wedding photographs as well. While we were close to Chinatown we decided to have Yum Cha at East Ocean, home of divine dumplings and fantastic mango pancakes.

There were ominous storm clouds in the morning, but I recall the afternoon was nice, and I had my blinds open and sunlight and fresh air coming in the room, putting together a music playlist for the afternoon while I wrote in here. Then at about 5.30pm or so Nathan came around and we bought some alcohol as a present for Mark, some meat for the BBQ, and headed up to Mark's place.

I enjoyed the party, but definitely drank too much (we so needed to be drinking beers on the way from Mark's place to the Townie at 1.30am after already having a fair bit). It was Phoebe's last hurrah before moving to Canberra (not sure for how long- and she will be coming back on the weekends, but I'll certainly be sympathising with Mark over the ups and downs of a long distance relationship, even if he has nothing on mine ;) Steve, Nathan and Lucy were all there- and it was the four of us and Mark that hit the Townie when the party proper wound down. Lucy probably left close to 3am and the rest of us left closer to 4.30am when Steve wasn't confident he could stay awake much longer. I definitely didn't feel like doing anything the next day- though faced with the need to eat something for lunch, Nathan and I ended up at the Exchange where we had a beer each. Bought some groceries and intended to cook a curry for dinner, but I opted for a less labour intensive Nicoise Salad instead.

So then Monday I went for a run with Nathan, and made a curry for me and Lucy (I don't know why I'm going into such ridiculous detail- I guess I just feel like writing :) Tuesday I think I stayed late at work, and then decided to ring Jo before I went home, so I wasn't home until after 7pm, and Wednesday I had some Vietnamese down the road by myself before going to the Hopetoun to see The White Russians, Bruce and Sliced Bread. Thursday was music trivia with Annie, and Friday I went to the Courthouse for Rowan's birthday drinks.

Once again, could have ended the night a few hours earlier. But it was a good night to be in the Courthouse Beer Garden. It's kinda strange being on the fringes of a close knit group who have in many cases known each other since they were in early High School or before. I don't really have that need to fit in with them, because I know I don't entirely. But I enjoy hanging out with them. We went to the Townie when the Beer Garden shut, and I probably stayed until about 3am. At some point Nathan turned up with his mates Cameron and Mick, and I hung out with them briefly after Rowan and friends left (again a case of not having a good reason to go home), before they left me with 3/4 of a beer that I had to finish on my own.

Yesterday I was tired but not nearly as seedy as the week before- I watched a couple of episodes of "Angel", went down the road and bought a heap of meat for my dinners this week (Rabbit, Quail, Ribs and Butterflied Lamb Leg), talked to Jo and then went out to dinner in Coogee with Lucy. It was a glorious day and it was Lucy's idea not to waste it, and to get out of the house for a while. It was nice (and my beef fillet was very good)- possibly we should make a habit of it when neither of us have weekend plans.

And then today I did some washing, watched some "Angel", wrote in here, let in the Sun and fresh air and played music through the 'puter again, did a big Grocery shop, couldn't find the motivation to go for a run on my own when I was sleepy and it was hot outside, and cooked braised rabbit for dinner, which was quite nice. And watched "Grey's Anatomy". And another "Angel" episode. And that's all really.


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