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2007-11-18 - 10:26 p.m.

I ended up having quite a productive weekend. I'm not even going to start on how stressful my trip to the jeweler's was on Thursday except to say that the Monday-Friday girl I'm dealing with is a complete moron. And that I'm a big girl and convinced now that I've decided what the ring's going to look like that there are far better choices out there. But what can you do?

So back to my weekend. I was up at about 7am yesterday to go to the Travel Doctor (appointment at 9am) where I had to endure the slightly embarrassing but annoying more than anything experience of having to lie on the stretcher for over 20 minutes to recuperate from a couple of vaccinations. I just didn't want to take the risk after almost passing out twice just from giving blood samples (not to mention actually passing out trying to give blood). I know it's stuff going in, not coming out, and I'm not the least bit afraid of needles, but my mind has decided that I don't react very well to injections in or out. Which is frustrating seeing as I have to go back this Saturday and again to weeks later for Hep B boosters. I also got a Measles/Mumps vaccine since based on my age there's no guarantee I got a booster in primary school to keep me protected for life. Plus Tetanus and Hep A. And just in case I have one of the more friendly antimalarials (two tablets once a week for two weeks before and four weeks after Costa Rica)- allegedly no weird dreams or extra susceptibility to sunburn, but it wouldn't work against malaria in other parts of the world.

Then despite not feeling the best I went to Newtown Flight Centre and picked up all my stuff- Sydney-Singapore-San Fran e-ticket, Singapore accommodation vouchers, Costa Rica Intrepid Stuff, Travel Insurance. Then I was convinced to go for a run in the afternoon, despite something in the back of my head thinking it wasn't the best idea when I felt faint in the morning (nothing adverse happened), and went around to Nathan and Kellee's place for dinner.

Today I was up around 9am, did some preliminary grocery shopping before Nathan came around at 11.30am and we went to Yum Cha with his brother and parents, then I came back home and made a garlicky butter roll with parsley and dried porcini mushrooms to slice up and use as medallions on steak (it needed refrigeration), then went to Broadway and bought a couple of pairs of shorts, a navy blue suitcase (much easier to pick out on a carousel, but I think I'll still put some sort of sticker or ribbon on it), and groceries. Then I made dinner (rump steak with a garlicky buttery medallion, home made chips and salad) and watched quite a few "House" episodes.

Still getting used to only 2 days off at a time, but I think I'm making the most of it...


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