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2007-11-04 - 2:20 p.m.

I always love the first week of daylight saving. The first day is always a bit weird- you're having a lazy Sunday and before you know it it's 8pm and you're starting to think about having to go to work the next day. But getting back from work at 6pm and still having a couple of hours of daylight is a good feeling. You can even have a relaxing afternoon beer, if you aren't going through a mindset that you shouldn't be drinking because of the amount of alcohol you've consumed over the past month.

This week at work was up-and-down, people are giving me the shits and I'm feeling disorganised and like I have too much to do before I head overseas, yet still can't get motivated to start doing it. But I'm approaching the following week quite positively- I have got a lot to do and dammit, I'm going to spend this week doing it.

I'm also feeling positive because I've had a very productive weekend, and haven't spent any of it drinking copious amounts of alcohol or staying up until the daylight hours. There was a disturbing symmetry to the fact that I got out of bed yesterday at about the time that I walked in the door last Saturday morning. Friday night I was feeling neither here nor there- I needed to unwind after a slightly stressful day, but didn't know how I wanted to do that. Part of me wanted to have an alcohol free weekend, and part of me thought that's a load of crap- what I really need to be able to do is have a few drinks and not turn it into a big night out. So I had a mojito and a glass of wine with dinner on Friday (Lucy cooked), but didn't feel like doing *anything*- not writing in here, not watching TV, not going out... so I went to bed pretty early. And as I previously mentioned I was up at a decent hour.

I met Lucy in the city (in the drizzling rain) and did some more secret shopping, went back to Newtown and paid the balance for my Costa Rica Intrepid tour, caught the bus back to Marrickville and ran into Nathan as I was heading back towards my place. He was on his way down to the Real Estate to pick up some brochures to get him started looking for a place to buy. I encouraged him to surf domain.com, find a place that was open for inspection on a Saturday afternoon, and I'd drag him to that- and that would be the best way to get started. So we looked at a few apartments in a complex on Marrickville Rd, then went down to the Exchange (for the first time in a while) for a couple of beers and some pool. I also got a last minute invite to Kim and Marty's for a poker night, and decided I was going to drive to it, to ensure I stuck to my resolve of having a relatively quiet weekend. I also used the opportunity to drop my parents' Crowded House tickets to their place (I picked them up from the Ent. Cent. after work on Friday).

The card night was fun- I brought Nathan along, won Texas Holdem Poker and had a couple of shambolic games of Five Hundred (one 5 player and one 4 player). And only had one beer, and a whole lot of pizza and coke. Despite getting home at about 1.15am, I was still up at about 9.30am this morning. I'm loving these circadian rhythms. So today I did some washing, vacuumed my room, did some grocery shopping, had some lunch, read the paper and started preparing dinner (marinading was required) and it's not even 3pm yet.

What else do I need to write to be up-to-date? Last Sunday I remember being productive enough (compared to the Saturday which was mostly spent sleeping)- did the grocery shopping, made dinner and veged out watching the Arias. Monday I cooked a fish curry, Tuesday Nathan came around and I cooked veal steaks and watched "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3" (they really are best just left in your childhood, but what the hell). Wednesday Lucy and I went to see the always delightful Darren Hanlon (who this time was struggling with his voice after allegedly overdoing it in a 15 minute rap solo in Canberra the night before). Thursday I went for a run with Nathan (I definitely want to get into a regular exercise regime now that I'm off shift, eating properly and my metabolism is no doubt slowing- I'm not quite ready for a beer belly yet), had Vietnamese for dinner and watched the next "Elm Street" movie.

That's pretty much it.


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