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2007-10-29 - 9:10 p.m.

After about 5 hours sleep on Saturday (20/10) I got up feeling fairly hungover, and decided Yum Cha was necessary (with Lucy as my partner in crime). Sometime between 2pm and 3pm I left for Canberra. About halfway there I needed to stop for a rest, some water and an energy drink. I'm sensible enough to take a rest when I need one, but clearly not sensible enough to have an early night when I've got a 3 hour drive ahead of me the next day. I got to my Grandmother's place right on 6pm, where some of my extended family were busy setting up marquees in the backyard, for the post-reception BBQ that was happening on Sunday night. Accompanied my cousin (brother of the cousin getting married) to the shops to get some supplies for said BBQ, had a kebab for dinner, and sat around the lounge room for the rest of the evening. I had very broken sleep, what with people watching soccer on Pay TV while I was sleeping on the lounge room floor, and my brother turning up after midnight, after driving straight from work, but I think the sleep I had was good sleep seeing I hadn't had so much the night before.

People were stirring easily before 8am on Sunday, with the wedding ceremony happening at 10am. The reception started at midday, we went back to the house at around 5pm, and after thinking I'd locked my keys in the car for a while (turns out someone was using the keyring as a bottle opener) I was heading back to Sydney with my Mum and another cousin after 8pm. With a petrol stop, a detour and dropping two people in different parts of Sydney home, I didn't get home myself until 1am. Not sure how I got through the next day at work, let alone the Nick Cave concert on Monday night (and even after that I didn't go directly home, opting to have a beer with Anths at the Townie first).

Nick Cave was in fine form- Grinderman in particular (as in, the first set- it was the same four people after the break). The "solo" set was a mixed bag for me in some ways, mainly because the Bad Seeds are so Goddamn good that it's hard hearing some of the songs without the full compliment. But "The Mercy Seat" as fantastic (still not as good as it was at the Hordern in Jan 2002)- a full ballad version (in the style of Johnny Cash), as opposed to the "whisper to a scream". The bass drum pedal snapped off during the encore and forced them offstage- fortunately they came back, and after playing a Grinderman song that apparently didn't need said pedal, they got it fixed, and finished with "Jack The Ripper".

Approximate Setlist (old habits die hard)...

(As Grinderman): Depth Charge Ethel/ Get it On/ Grinderman/ Electric Alice/ Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars)/ Love Bomb/ No Pussy Blues

(As Nick Cave solo): Love Letter/ Red Right Hand/ The Ship Song/ The Weeping Song/ Deanna/ Messiah Ward/ Nobody's Baby Now/ Into My Arms/ Tupelo/ The Mercy Seat/ Rock of Gibraltar/ God is in the House/ Henry Lee

Encore 1: The Lyre of Orpheus/ Lucy

Encore 2: Go Tell The Women/ Jack the Ripper

Tuesday after work I went for a run with Nathan, made dinner, and watched "A Nightmare on Elm Street". That sentence could have been written in 1992, if I substituted going for a run with delivering pamphlets. Wednesday I decided I should give trivia a miss, and actually have a proper nothing night at home (including plenty of TV). Thursday after work- another run, another dinner cooked at home and the Second "Elm Street".

Friday was supposed to be the start of a quiet weekend, but after going to the opening of an exhibition at Dulwich Hill High School that my Mum was part of, and having dinner with family at Minh in Dulwich Hill, and getting home before 11pm and thinking I'd be in bed before too long, I got an SMS from Rowan asking if I was up for a beer at the Townie. Great thing about having no plans on a weekend is that you can make impromptu ones, but I'm really starting to think that at 30 I don't need to be getting home in broad daylight. I'm not saying I don't enjoy a big night, but I'm not kidding when I say that I'd rather be at home before midnight with Jo next to me.

So I spent much of Saturday sleeping. My brother dropped around at about 11am to give me my 30th birthday present (a big framed photo of San Francisco- I need to get some more picture hooks), and I was half asleep the whole time (I really hadn't been home for that long). I spent the afternoon watching DVDs (and having another nap), Lucy cooked dinner, and I went to bed reasonably early, although I wound the clock forward first...


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