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2007-10-24 - 10:07 p.m.

The last day I wrote about (even though it was in the entry before last) was Wednesday 10th October, when I went over to Nathan and Kellee's place for dinner. Thursday I think I finally started to get back into the habit of cooking at home after doing some late night grocery shopping. Friday was the beginning of my grand plan to have a nothing weekend, when I stayed at home with Lou, had a few drinks and tried out the interactive "Spicks and Specks" DVD. Saturday I spent a reasonable amount of the day doing nothing before heading up to Newtown to give Jo and my passport details to Flight Centre, pick up my Nick Cave tickets from the Enmore Box Office (so I could offload my Sunday ticket since I would be in Canberra for a wedding that day), and buy some DVDs (that part wasn't planned). I spent much of the evening watching DVDs, as well as trying out my new enamelled cast iron grill, which takes forever to heat up but really does a good job of cooking fish and steaks.

Sunday- well, I have given Jo the means of reading this diary so I won't go into detail, but I went shopping with Lucy (didn't buy anything but I think I made excellent progress and have some good ideas), then in the afternoon Lucy, Nathan and I headed up to Petersham for takeaway Portugese Chicken, which we ate on our balcony with beer to celebrate some glorious Sunday weather, and any hope of truly having a "nothing" weekend (if there was any hope at that stage) disappeared when Steve was looking for something to do after playing soccer in Centennial Park, so we had dinner at the Australian Hotel in the Rocks, followed by a "Sugar Hit" (which is an SMH Good Food Month Dessert Promotion for those who don't know) at the Observatory Hotel. And sometime before that I managed to squeeze in a big grocery run.

Thank goodness my weekend was still relatively uneventful though, seeing as I feel like since then tonight is pretty much the first time out I've had since then.

So Monday (15/10) was work, a reasonable run with Nathan on a very warm night, then I made Salt-and-Pepper prawns for dinner. Tuesday- work (I've had some crazy days and also a few what I like to call "Pensky File Days" in honour of the Seinfeld Episode where George does little more than rearrange a file in the space of a week- don't ask me to remember which days were which), then had Nathan over for dinner again because it's less fun to make my signature Hainan Chicken just for myself. Lucy spent the week at her parents' place, but regardless there would probably have been enough sesame oil in my Hainan Chicken to kill her. Wednesday- work then trivia, where we came a respectable but frustrating third (a long way off first but we should have come second). Thursday- work followed by shopping for a present for Steve. I got him a new age Transformer (Bumblebee to be precise), I was quite impressed with my idea and he definitely liked it. I also found myself buying more DVDs- this time a "Nightmare on Elm Street" six pack which was just over $60 all up- how could I resist?

Friday I realised once again how difficult it is to have concrete Friday night plans before about 8.30pm when you don't know when you're going to leave work (I guess that sort of thing happened when I made plans to be at the Townie after midnight when I was working night shifts, but it's a little different). I had no trouble in the end getting to Steve's 30th on time, but I certainly felt the squeeze of time on the back end of work. So his 30th was at the Clock Balcony Bar in Surry Hills- Mark and Phoebe were there when I got there, but it was Stuart and my old Ent. Cent. Crew that I spent most of the time catching up with. It was good- I don't see Wendy and Bek very often but when we all get together it's fun reminiscing, and it never feels like it's been that long. Wendy's boyfriend Ross was there too, as was Terry and his fiancee Madeleine- which reminds me they're getting married the day before I fly out to Singapore.

The gang I was hanging with left at midnight, and I continued on to Oxford St with Steve and the rest of the stayers. First we went to a pub near the corner of Crown and Oxford called Gaslight, then at about 3am we moved from there to the Colombian. It was daylight when I got home, and it was a suitably messy night alcohol-wise, which is all well and good when you don't have to drive to Canberra that afternoon...


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