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2007-10-11 - 10:19 p.m.

It's about time I wrote in here again. As expected, things were incredibly hectic while Jo was here, and that was even before you consider that I had to work four of the days she was here. And even since she left on Monday I still haven't had a moments rest (well, okay, I have been sleeping, but apart from that...)- after taking Jo to the airport on Monday I didn't get to work until about 1.30pm, so I worked back, then on Tuesday after going for a run with Nathan he convinced me to eat out, despite desperately needing to get back into the habit of cooking at home again. And then last night Nathan made dinner, I went straight over to Nathan and Kellee's place after work and didn't get home until about 11pm.

So needless to say I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home- not that anything's guaranteed.

I have a fair bit of updating to do, but I guess I'll start with the fact that sometime between my 30th and the next morning Jo and I got engaged. It was the right time for us, and what we needed, but I'm still a little embarrassed because the idea (of making it official then and there) just evolved at a time when both of us had had a lot to drink, and it wasn't specifically planned for that night (although it probably should have been given that I've always put a lot of significance on turning 30), and I didn't have a ring, and now I've lost the chance to make it a genuine romantic surprise. I mean, we've known for several years that we're going to get married, and that's more or less where our conversation took us- that we were in essence engaged already, but I could have "proposed" at any time and it would have still been unexpected- now it's pretty much expected that I'll be presenting her with a ring sometime on our Singapore/ San Francisco/ Costa Rica trip. I want to make that occasion as special and romantic as possible, but I've lost the element of surprise.

Don't get me wrong though- I'm happy and excited and starting to plan a wedding in my head, but maybe it won't fully hit me until she has the ring (she does have a nice "in the meantime" one though).

I should just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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