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2007-08-06 - 10:32 a.m.

Wednesday 25th July (Continued)

I think I'm appreciating They Might Be Giants' set a lot more in hindsight- I think it was one of those like the first Elvis Costello show I saw where I was hanging out for a particular song at the end, and was a little disappointed when they/he didn't play it (in the case of TMBG it was "New York City" while for EC it was "I Want You", and in each case it was less that they didn't play it and more that they finished with a new song). Regardless of that, it was an awesome show- and I was kind of expecting that I'd miss some of the songs I wanted to hear, seeing as they were doing a four-week residency at the Bowery, and were bound to split up the favourites and the obscurities amongst the shows.

The Bowery Shows have all been themed shows- and ours was the Nineties (all the more reason I thought they'd play "New York City")- the week before had been 2000-2007 (although some nineties songs were played), the next week was to be a Horns Extravaganza and the week after was to feature Children's songs (glad we missed that one). Thankfully "Flood" was released in the Nineties, and we had 6 songs from said album, including a personal favourite- "Dead", and of course "Birdhouse in Your Soul". I really hope they come to Australia again soon though, knowing they are a band that still plays their old stuff, because to see a "specialty" show at the Bowery Ballroom was awesome, but I still want to see a show where they might play songs like "Ana Ng", "New York City" and "Istanbul". So for completeness here is the setlist:

* How Can I Sing Like A Girl? (from "Factory Showroom" 1996)
* The Cap'm (from "The Else" 2007)
* James K. Polk (from "Factory Showroom" 1996)
* We Live In A Dump (from "Cast Your Pod to the Wind" collection 2007)
* Upside Down Frown (from "The Else" 2007)
* Dig My Grave (from "Apollo 18" 1992)
* I Palindrome I (from "Apollo 18" 1992)
* I'm Impressed (from "The Else" 2007)
* Take Out The Trash (from "The Else" 2007)
* Spider (from "Apollo 18" 1992)
* Snail Shell (from "John Henry" 1994)
* Phone Calls From The Dead (Prank call! "Frank Bogart from Columbia Records")- unreleased
* Why Did You Grow A Beard? (from "Cast Your Pod to the Wind" 2007)
* Careful What You Pack (from "The Else" 2007)
* Dead (from "Flood" 1990)
* XTC Vs. Adam Ant (from "Factory Showroom" 1996)
* Withered Hope (from "The Else" 2007)
* Letterbox (from "Flood" 1990)
* The End Of The Tour (from "Apollo 18" 1992)
* Damn Good Times (from "The Spine" 2004)
* Minimum Wage (from "Flood" 1990)
* Destination Moon (from "Apollo 18" 1992)
* Whistling In The Dark (from "Flood" 1990)
* Put Your Hand On The Computer (from "Cast Your Pod to the Wind" 2007)
* Fingertips (from "Apollo 18" 1992)


* Birdhouse In Your Soul (from "Flood" 1990)
* They Got Lost (Fast version) (from "Long Tall Weekend" 1999)

Encore 2:

* Twisting (from "Flood" 1990)
* The Mesopotamians (from "The Else" 2007)


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