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2007-07-19 - 3:50 p.m.

It all feels a bit too easy. I have 9 pairs of underpants, 9 pairs of socks, 9 short sleeve t-shirts, one set of dressy shirt and pants, one suit, tracksuit pants and a jumper even though I'm pretty sure I'll be walking 'round the hotel in boxers and a t-shirt, a towel and swimming shorts, I'm wearing jeans, a short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirt and my corduroy jumper (so if it somehow turns cold over there I'm prepared, but it's more for getting back into Sydney at 8am), as well as my new sneakers, and I have a couple of belts. I opted for a suitcase instead of a backpack this time but it feels like it's not even half capacity. December will be a much bigger pack- it has to cover the heat of Singapore, the cold of San Francisco winter and a Cuban Island escape (plus about 5 weeks instead of one, but the aim of this pack is to avoid having to do any washing).

Jo's vegemite is in the suitcase, as is her Bernie CD, Grates DVD, compilation CD, stockings that apparently don't come in her size in the US. Bathroom stuff I can throw together tomorrow morning but I'll probably be anally retentive and do it today, just taking stuff out and putting it back in tomorrow morning.

My iPod is charged, my phone has enough battery for me to read any messages and make any calls when I get back into the country after a week, I have my New York Lonely Planet, a book to read, my passport, ticket receipt, travel insurance, prepaid Empire State Building tickets. I'm ready to go. And I've still got time to kill.

This morning I picked Nathan up from the airport. It was bizarre- I got out of bed at 6am, put my clothes on so I would be ready when he called, then went back to bed in jeans and a jumper and drifted in and out of sleep for about 3 hours (as it turned out his plane was delayed in Bangkok) until he called. In the meantime I had about 5 different dreams in which I was wondering why he was late, or in which I thought I was being woken up by a call but it was still a dream, or in which I was calling his phone. But I was glad for the extra sleep. After taking him back to his new place (ie Kellee's place) we went to Yum Cha, had a beer at the Exchange and now he's sleeping on the couch while I finish my packing. Tonight Kellee's making dinner for Claire, Nathan, Lucy and I and then tomorrow I'm a-leaving on a jet plane.


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