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2007-07-18 - 11:39 a.m.

Approximately 47 hours until my plane leaves...

So I have one more afternoon at work, and then tomorrow morning I'm going to pick Nathan up from the airport, then probably go home and sleep, finalise my packing, and probably have some drinks and dinner with Nathan, Kellee and Lucy at night.

Friday morning- my plane leaves at 10:20am, so I probably need to leave no later than 7.30am. That way I'll be there 2 hours before even if traffic is horrendous. I'm a big fan of the window seat, but there's no point getting there ridiculously early when I still won't be able to guarantee it. My e-ticket receipt only tells me when I leave Sydney and when I arrive in New York, but based on experience I think my flight gets into LA around 7am (on Friday), and the flight to New York would leave at about 9.20am (taking about 5 hours and adding on 3 hours time difference to arrive at 5.20pm New York time).

I know I'm only going for a bit over a week, but I always get excited by international travel (although by about 5 hours into the flight I just want the damn plane to land), and this is the longest time I haven't seen Jo since, well since we got together. She flew out of Sydney on January 10th. Last year it was five-and-a-half months, this year it's been more than seven. But then the good news is it's under two months before I see her again, and then 2 more until I see her after that. We're definitely in the home stretch this year (of course that means I'm going to be 30 before I know it).

I bought tickets online for the Empire State Building (planning on going at night this time- the photos probably won't come out but I got some great day shots last time). Jo has organised Les Mis tickets for our first Saturday night, we have They Might Be Giants on Wednesday night, dinner at Ouest (which had a good enough reputation and write up to choose it as our schmancy dinner venue) on Friday night, and Amanda Palmer at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday night.

I definitely want to see a bit of Brooklyn this time, plus Rockaway Beach and Coney Island, and take a train trip up the Hudson River. I'm thinking of going to the top of the Rockefeller Centre as well (I'll go during the day when Jo is at work, so I have both day time and night time high rise sightseeing covered). Plus plenty of drinking- which I'm sure Jo will appreciate when she has to get up for work each weekday morning.


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