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2007-07-11 - 11:57 a.m.

A couple of weeks shy of being on diaryland for 5 years, this is my 300th entry. That averages out better than once a week, which isn't bad considering how slack I've been during some periods of the last five years.

So what do I have to write about in said entry? It's bloody cold and I feel like I'm not 100% despite the fact that I rode out a cold/flu less than a couple of weeks ago. I probably should go shopping today, but I have gnocchi to make for dinner tonight, Weet Bix for breakfast tomorrow and milk that still has a couple of days before it expires so there's no real drive there (except that I might feel like crap tomorrow if indeed I do have the remnants of a cold and I drink too much at trivia tonight). In terms of preparation for New York the only thing I really have to do is buy some comfortable shoes (I've decided I'll get by in jeans even if it's 30+ degrees, and if not I'll buy some dressy shorts while I'm over there). Annoyingly it appears that the Royal Exchange courtyard is being used on the night of my birthday, which is the other thing I wanted to have made some headway into organising before next Friday- so it's back to square one there, and really there's not much I could have done if it's already booked over two months in advance- I might as well wait until I get back and then see what places have that night free.

So last night I took my parents to see Burt Bacharach and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Opera House. The show and dinner beforehand was good, I think I was just a little disappointed that there wasn't an intermission and a lot of my favourites were part of medleys- but the show went for 2 hours so I can't really complain.

Edit: This review sums up pretty well the good and the bad aspects of the show.

We had dinner at Opera Bar (seeing as Bennelong Restaurant was booked out), and I had a very nice Wagyu steak, a glass of wine, a mojito and my share of half a dozen oysters.

Oh yeah, I just remembered the other good news. Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls is playing solo at the Mercury Lounge in NYC while we are there- so that's another band/person that I've been cursing not seeing that I get to see in New York. We're having trouble finding time to fit Les Mis in!

So, I think I'm pretty up-to-date at the moment. That update on my to-do list pretty much covered what I'd been doing, and the only thing I've really done since Live Earth (apart from working) is have Yum Cha with Lucy on Sunday morning.

So I'll leave it there.


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