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2007-07-09 - 11:00 p.m.

More about Crowded House (less soppy, more detailed):

They were introduced by Peter Garrett, who described them as the soundtrack to many of our lives. They kicked off with "Locked Out" (never one of my favourites, but still some classic Crowdies to start with) before moving into "World Where You Live" (up there with my favourites, and a great singalong- evoking memories of the impromptu jam and singalong at Homebake 2005). Next up was "Silent House", off the new album, which is obviously about Paul Hester, though this wasn't mentioned during the set.

At this point I think Neil introduced the band, before getting into "Fall At Your Feet" (one of my three all time Crowdies favourites, along with "Distant Sun" and "Better Be Home Soon")- which I hadn't heard live (in person anyway- he played it a lot while touring "Try Whistling This" and it kicked off the "7 Worlds Collide" shows) since the Farewell gig. Liam Finn, who is going through a George Harrison/John Lennon circa Abbey Road hippie Jesus beard phase, was providing additional guitars, and new drummer Matt Sherrod may have looked a touch out of place but certainly didn't sound it (I don't think they'll ever play "Sister Madly" without Paul though). Next may have been "Distant Sun", or "Four Seasons in One Day"- both of them were played, and around that point in the set. Then it was time for the new single- "Don't Stop Now", before they powered home with "Don't Dream It's Over", "Something So Strong" (at which point all the lights went out in the stadium and on stage- Neil said it was a sign, or all part of the message, but apparently it was more a sign of the limitations of green power- not that I'm knocking it) and the 'finale'- "Weather With You", at which point Neil invited anyone side of stage to come out and dance, and the first person out that didn't look like a performer's kid was a gushing Missy Higgins, followed by the majority of the previous performers (John Butler with a baby strapped to his front, Jack Johnson, Andrew Stockdale and many others including Peter Garrett). The song ended, the cast of thousands left the stage and then the Crowdies came back on and played one more for the road- the perfect set closer- "Better Be Home Soon".


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