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2007-07-08 - 12:53 p.m.

Time until my plane for New York leaves: 1 weeks, 4 days, 22-ish hours

Number of working days between now and then: 8/12 (including today)

Things I've done between the last time I wrote a list like this and now:

- Bought Jo Vegemite, plus the new Bernie CD and the Grates DVD.
- Bought myself the new Crowded House album (plus the Go Betweens Tribute Album)
- Booked dinner at Ouest in New York on our last night there (okay, Jo did this one).
- Started loading up my iPod and downloading stuff on Limewire, after my brother managed to fix the problems I was having with my computer rather than causing more.
- Made Jo a CD of things I've been listening to this year (featuring some Cold War Kids, Regina Spektor, Dappled Cities, Grinderman, Go-Between's Covers and a bunch of other songs).
- Had dinner at my parents' place on Friday for my Mum's birthday.
- Went to Live Earth yesterday, where it didn't rain, was actually quite warm for the first half an hour or so before becoming insanely cold when the sun went down (a bit like four seasons in one day really :), and was quite fabulous (review to follow).

Things to do between now and when I fly out:

- Enough grocery shopping to get through the next week and a bit.
- Buy a pair of half dressy shorts, given that it will most likely be 30+ degrees celcius most of the time I'm in New York.
- Buy a pair of casual shoes that I can wear with my half dressy shorts (most likely the $70 pair I saw in Colorado in Miranda when I bought my other shoes).
- Go to Burt Bacharach and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday at the Opera House.
- Drive out to Narrellan (or however you spell it) for Jo's Mum's housewarming on Saturday, between two morning shifts, and hopefully not be too much of a zombie
- Pack for New York.
- Convince Nathan to hang out with me on the Friday night before I leave, despite the fact that he will have just flown back from 9 weeks overseas that morning and has to worry about technically not having a place to live. Try not to get too drunk, convince Nathan to stay on my couch and give me a lift to the airport at 8am Saturday morning.

There's still probably more...


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