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2007-07-05 - 7:07 p.m.

So going back to my last proper update, which was after my night shift on 19/6 (when I bought Burt Bacharach tickets). The crazy storms didn't happen but the weather remained miserable for about the next week. I didn't do anything of note before my remaining two afternoon shifts. First day off (Friday 22/6) I'm pretty sure I slept in and then headed down the road for some Pho in the early afternoon. That night I went to see "The Millionares" at the Sando with Lucy and Meegs- which consisted of Dave McCormack, Brendan Gallagher and another guy from Karma County, and one of the lesser known members of the Cruel Sea (so not Perkins, Cruikshank or Rumour), playing country songs. It was a fun couple of sets, and set the platform for a night of drinking at the Townie with Lucy and Mark (Meegs didn't last quite as long). I think we left the Townie at close to 4.30am- my best effort in a while.

The next day, tired and hungover, I headed out to South Hurstville with Phoebe to check out Kim and Marty's new place. Mark didn't make it because, well, he was too hungover. This did not exactly come as a surprise.

I only had two days off because I had swapped with Kellee, so I could go to Canberra last Saturday, which should have been my last afternoon shift. So I worked Sunday morning (and was supposed to be working Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday morning before working two nights). I think I started getting a flu as early as Friday, and clearly going out drinking didn't help. By the time I went to bed on Monday night it had really caught up with me, and after making it through Tuesday I decided to take my first sick day in about 2 years on Wednesday (which would have been my 4th morning).

Going back to Monday night, after a power nap I met Lucy at Circular Quay to watch "La Vie En Rose" (about the life of Edith Piaf) at the Dendy. I thought it was a good movie, even through all my sniffling and sneezing. Wednesday, despite my need for a sick day, I still had to go 'round to my parents' place for my Dad's 60th birthday. I stayed there the night before going to work the next afternoon, more or less recovered from my cold/flu.


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