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2007-07-03 - 12:55 p.m.

Time until my plane for New York leaves: 2 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours

Number of working days between now and then: 11/16 (not counting today)

Things to do between now and then:

- Enough grocery shopping to get me through 16 days.
- Buy Jo Vegemite, plus the new Bernie CD and the Grates DVD.
- Buy myself the new Crowded House album (plus maybe a couple of other CDs :)
- Book dinner at Ouest in New York when we've decided what day we want to go.
- Load up my iPod, assuming that my brother can make my computer talk to it (a big assumption given his recent history trying to fix things).
- Make Jo a CD of things I've been listening to this year.
- Buy a pair of half dressy shorts, given that it will most likely be 30+ degrees celcius most of the time I'm in New York.
- Buy a pair of casual shoes that I can wear with my half dressy shorts (most likely the $70 pair I saw in Colorado in Miranda when I bought my other shoes).
- Have dinner at my parents' place on Friday for my Mum's birthday.
- Go to Live Earth on Saturday and hope it doesn't rain.
- Go to Burt Bacharach and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra next Tuesday at the Opera House
- Drive out to Narrellan (or however you spell it) for Jo's Mum's housewarming on Saturday 14th, between two morning shifts, and hopefully not be too much of a zombie
- Pack for New York.
- Convince Nathan to hang out with me on the Friday night before I leave, despite the fact that he will have just flown back from 9 weeks overseas that morning and has to worry about technically not having a place to live. Try not to get too drunk, convince Nathan to stay on my couch and give me a lift to the airport at 8am Saturday morning.

There's probably more...


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