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2007-06-22 - 1:06 a.m.

I called up the local pub today to see what was involved in hiring out their beer garden for my 30th. Sounds very promising- they said that they can fit 50 people in the beer garden (which I wasn't sure about), and that all you have to do is put money on the bar and organise finger food from the bistro (as opposed to a fee for hiring out the area). And whatever you don't spend on the bar tab you get back. Why am I thinking that won't be an issue?

So then I started writing a list- I'm up to 65 people. And there's still plenty of extended family I didn't include which I could extend invites to if I was having trouble making up numbers. I won't be so self indulgent as to write the list down here- not just yet anyway.

But keep Saturday September 29th 2007 free my friends.


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