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2007-04-28 - 12:10 a.m.

I've go an impressive looking social calendar over the next week and a bit. And the best part about it is that I get to catch up with many different circles of friends. Tomorrow night I'm heading up to the Townie for birthday drinks for Phoebe- I'm also hoping to convince Leila and Lucy to be there. And I'm not sure if Steve is coming or not but I haven't seen that much of him since I moved out, so hopefully he will be. Then Sunday brunch is with Lucy, Leila and I assume her entourage, before heading over to Jo's Dad's place for a BBQ for his and Pete's birthdays. Friday night Tara is having a house-cooling party I guess before she moves from Glebe to Leichardt, and hopefully a good handful of the Unifriends will be there (Birch, Cristan and Meaghan I haven't seen in a while). Then Saturday 5/5 is a party at Kim and Marty's for Marty's birthday, and also I guess a house-cooling because they've just bought a house in South Hurstville. And then Sunday there may be Yum Cha with Entertainment Centre people, if I can squeeze it in before work on Sunday afternoon. I guess I can't go too hard either tomorrow night or next Saturday night what with brunchy things planned on both Sundays. It's probably for the best :)


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