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2007-04-22 - 1:08 p.m.

I think I might be close to making an impulse decision to go to New York in July. I hope I'm not being too reckless after just getting my bonus paid and finally paying off a credit card, but it's looking ver appealing.

Jo and I have been talking about taking a holiday somewhere outside of San Fran while I'm in the US in December, and it was fairly clear that Jo wasn't that keen to go New York- she's already been there twice and with an office over there she'd more than likely be there again. I'd like to see New York decked out for Christmas, with the ice skating in Central Park and the snow and the lights and everything, but Jo's already been there in December- we're thinking escaping the cold in December might be a better ploy.

But then only a week or so ago Jo got an email from Sal (ie one of her closest friends who she used to live with and who is currently living in London) asking if there was any chance she might be in New York in July, so Jo's organised to work out of her New York office for a week, and is close to organising airfares and accommodation. And I'm thinking- I love New York, and I've never been there with Jo, and she keeps going without me dammit, and currently I'm not due to see her until late September, and it would be cool to go to New York for a Summer Holiday in our Winter. And I'm pretty sure I have the holidays to do it. And I'd even looking at getting a personal loan to avoid the exorbitant interest I'd be charged if I racked up another big credit card debt that I can't pay off until my bonus next April.

As for the holiday in December (which starts with us being in Singapore for my cousin's wedding before moving on to San Fran)- we're thinking of spending the New Year in Cuba. How cool would that be??


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