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2007-03-16 - 1:29 p.m.

So I'm about a week-and-a-half too late for this entry, but Jo and I have been doing this long distance thing for over a year. We flew out for San Francisco on February 24, 2006; Jo started work on March 1st, and by March 7th (Sydney time) I was back here by myself, about to go back to work on afternoon shifts the next day.

It was all so new then. I remember the first couple of phone calls we made we didn't have calling cards yet, and knew it didn't matter- it was important however much it cost (of course it costs very little to walk down the road and buy a calling card but anyway). I remember sitting either in San Fran or LA Airport after a cold and rainy winter's day and seeing that it was close to 30 degrees in Sydney- at least I had a barmy Autumn to come back to. I remember the strange quiet just before I went to bed by myself after my last days off each cycle- not tired, just knowing I had an early start the next morning, and nothing else to keep me occupied that night. I remember how hanging out with Nathan and Kellee came to represent my alternate, pseudo-bachelor life, and looking back at the end of each month and seeing how much I'd spent on alcohol and eating out. But then I also remember that the time I've spent with Jo since then has never felt unfamiliar, and it really doesn't feel like we've only spent two of the last twelve months physically together.

I don't necessarily know where I'm going with this entry- I'm just one of these people that likes to pick siginificant points in time (eg a year since this, 5 years since that) and either sum up what's happened since then, or do a "then-and-now". Professionally it's also an interesting time to reflect, as I got my performance rating (which will translate into a bonus in my April pay), and more importantly for my first year as a supervisor, the performance ratings for my reports. I've yet to give the below-average person their final rating, but I guess that's part of most supervisors and manager's jobs- but on the whole I feel a sense of one year over and another begun- 3 months late maybe, but it just fits with respect to both work and Jo's move to America. I won't bother going into the whole "last year was about dealing as best we could with a situation while this year the pressure's on me to actually do something about it" thing again- I think I've said enough on that topic. Less talking/ writing and more action is required in that field.

That's all I have on that subject for now- I might get the shopping out of the way and then write about the last week.


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