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2007-02-27 - 4:35 p.m.

Tropfest was good. It was a great day for it- sitting around on a picnic blanket in t-shirt, shorts and bare feet (it started to get just a little cold after dark but not too bad). A few beers in the sun or some red wine with our cheese would have gone down well, but I didn't really miss it. Got there with Nathan at about 3.30pm and Kim and Marty joined us soon after- we played 500 for a while until some of Kim's work friends arrived and we decided we should probably be social. I won't go into much detail about the short films, but off the top of my head the standouts were "Between The Flags" (amusing take on the Cronulla riots), "Road Rage" (male bonding seemingly inspired by the video clip for REM's 'Everybody Hurts'), "The Von" (amusing schoolyard memoir mixed with superhero delusions), "An Imaginary Life" (the eventual winner) and one about a guy who saw everybody as the same once they reached elderly status, and wound up taking the wrong Grandma to dinner from the old folks' home.

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday were my mornings at work- went for a walk/run with Nathan after work on Monday and Tuesday, started at 5am on Tuesday for an early sample, and went to Trivia at the Townie on Wednesday. Trivia was with Rowan, Ken, Chris and Clare (among others who I didn't really know)- the four previously mentioned people I met at varying times in the last 5 years, so it's definitely a case of small world syndrome. We won trivia, thanks in part to my good memory of what year certain songs came out, and partly because in defending my good memory and claiming an extra 3 points that were rightfully ours, we somehow wound up with another 3 points that weren't rightfully ours.

Thursday I went into work at 1pm, to plan for a couple of team meetings I was holding (since we had our full shift for the first and last time in a while), and left at 9pm (adding my extra hour from the 5am start to the 2 hours early I'd come in). Got a couple of DVDs on the way home- "Thankyou For Smoking", and the first disc of Season 1 of "House" (I've since hired out the next 2 discs and am halfway through Season 1- making 36 episodes I've seen in about 3 weeks).

Thursday night became a mini-changeover night, finishing at 9pm and then not starting until 5pm the next day since we had been forewarned that coverage would be needed until 2am. Saturday was a standard afternoon shift, and afterwards I dropped by Rowan's party in Chippendale for a couple of hours. I was in two minds, since I'd never really been in this company without some other connection- someone I knew better than them, and I was doing the not drinking thing, but I'm glad I went. Chatted to a few different people I hadn't met before (or in the case of Rowan's girlfriend I'd met her briefly on Wednesday), and showed myself that I didn't need a drink in my hand to be comfortable at a party (altough it took me a little time to get comfortable).

The last 3 days have almost been like clockwork- not being able to get myself out of bed before 11.30am, watching a lot of TV/DVDs (aforementioned "House" and the Academy Awards last night), getting a few constructive things done. I had my parents over on Sunday night and made pepper crab and prawns in soy sauce- I've never attempted making crab before and it worked out okay. Also gave the loungeroom and kitchen a good clean, while over the last two days I've been gradually cleaning up my room. Went shopping for the next week today, and pretty soon I'm going for another run (I went yesterday as well)- if I'm still in Australia in July I want to be able to run the 11km Sutherland-to-Surf. I don't care about my pace, I just want to be able to do the whole thing without stopping and walking.

That's pretty much all I've got for the moment.


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