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2006-10-24 - 10:41 p.m.

So let's go back to just before I started back at work, earlier this month. On the whole the 5 full days I had were quite productive. I got a pink slip, green slip and rego for my car, I caught up with people, I paid the bills that had piled up over the six weeks, I went shopping in preparation for cooking at home once again, I bought presents for people whose birthdays I'd missed while I'd been overseas.

And then on Saturday 7/10 I was back at work. I did at least something after each morning shift that cycle, which I think was good at the time, softening the blow and all that- but now I'm keen for a much quieter cycle. After the first day I had a couple of drinks at the pub with Nathan, after the second day I went to Balmain Bowling Club for Lawn Bowls for Tara's 30th, and after the third day I went up to Newtown for dinner with my family for my birthday, and also belatedly my sister's birthday and I guess Fathers' Day as well since I was away for that.

Tuesday I imagine I had a bit of a sleep in before my first afternoon shift, but there was nothing else to speak of. Oh yeah, I cleaned up my house a bit in anticipation of Megan and Nick coming on Wednesday. Which takes care of Wednesday before work. We caught up for a little bit when they arrived, and chatted for a bit when I got home from work despite them being half asleep, while the next day before work I took them to Yum Cha.

Friday was my first day off and I had decided to throw together a fairly short notice BBQ that night. Megan and Nick were off to the Blue Mountains so it gave me plenty of time to shop and get things ready. I was kinda determined to do it all myself this time, having been inspired by the BBQ that Jo's workmate Dan threw for his girlfriend Ania's farewell over in the States, and I did a good job with the preparation but still handed the meat cooking duties over to Steve so I could socialise. There was myself, Steve, Megan, Nick, Nathan, Kellee, Birch, Frantz, Cristan, Ky, Tara, Steve's friend Nash and Nash's flatmate Shauna. Oh yeah, and Phoebe (Mark was down in Melbourne until the next day). It was a good night. Plenty of alcohol consumed but not anything ridiculous. As far as I remember :)

Saturday Megan and Nick were on their way, and that night I went to Kim and Marty's Sydney reception with Mark and Phoebe (we shared a $45 cab to West Ryde). It was nice- the fact that it wasn't their actual wedding night showed in terms of atmosphere, but there was a reenactment which was cute, and photos on a big screen, included a classic one of Jo and I dancing (think dancing to something like Grinspoon, not waltzing along with the bridal party). Jo wasn't the only one missing from the Vanuatu group- Marty's brother Gerard had to go back to Perth and Kim's sister Sam was... I think they were having spending-too-much-time-together issues... so for whatever reason she was absent.

After the reception I went back to the Townie with Mark, Phoebe and Sally, and after they left I bumped into Rowan, who I chatted to until the upstairs closed. Then I ran into Erin outside. See now that was a night that could've ended after the reception but I was entirely happy with the end result- Wednesday night after trivia was just classic excess.

And Sunday I don't recall doing much, except that at night Steve, Nathan, Phoebe and I went to the Four Seasons Hotel for dessert, as part of a Sydney Morning Herald "Good Food Month" promotion.

And that, my friends, brings me completely up to speed, in a somewhat random order. Today I got a heap of cleaning done, talked to Jo, went for another walk, made dinner and went to trivia at the White Cockatoo (where I used to go with Jo and sometimes Annie or Jo's then flatmates back when she lived up the street from there). We ended the main bit 5 points ahead, but as is always the case at the White Cockatoo, the final question is a gamble, and we lost it all.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.


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