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2006-07-06 - 1:02 p.m.

It's my first day off (albeit an entire cycle at work later than I'd like to have updated) and I've already knocked a few things off my "to do" list. I had high hopes for the last of my two days off last cycle (not the least of which would have included updating) but it degenerated into sleeping off the night out following my last night shift and watching more "Angel". I'm four episodes into Season 4 now (it got a lot better after they stopped the regular karaoke spots- if you don't know don't ask!).

So going back to the beginning of my last cycle- June 21st. Well, once again not a lot to speak of until my changeover day (Friday), in which I had a few drinks with Nathan at the Cactus Bar, made dinner at my place and then went up to the Townie in the rain with Nathan and Meegs. Erin, Ruth and others were also there, but I didn't stay ridiculously late (probably left about 2am) because I was supposed to be at my cousins' place in Beverley Hills (yes there is one in Sydney for those who don't know) at 8.30am to go suit shopping on Saturday.

That was a fiasco- I turned up on time at 8.30am, rang the doorbell, noone answered, so I rang my brother who had just left my parents' place because he had a late night. Then it turned out that my cousins who were coming down from Canberra for the day were running about an hour and a half late. And to top it off, we ended up going to Alexandria- ie three suburbs away from Marrickville, and getting there at about midday. Yes I am capable of buying a suit by myself, but the same probably can't be said for my cousins, and seeing as my brother had organised something I figured I'd go along. The reason for this shopping spree incidentally was my cousin's wedding (who shall hereafter be known as Sunny), which is happening next Sunday. I was happy with my purchase, and bought a $10 tie and an $85 shirt at the same time, and then was off to work that afternoon, feeling pretty tired, but like I'd had a very constructive day (as opposed to all my afternoon shifts this cycle which involved sleeping until 12.30pm, getting up and not having time to do much more than have breakfast and a shower.

Anyway, my last night shift last cycle finished up at about 11.30pm on Monday 26th, and the Australia v Italy soccer game (aka the biggest sporting event in our nation's history, or alternate hyperbole) started at 1am. I went with Kel to Norton St in Leichardt- Sydney's Italian heartland- which was insane on the street, but we managed to duck into a cafe/ bar which I'm pretty sure we were supposed to pay for.

I guess it's a week too late to bother describing the heart-wrenching final minute of injury time that left most of Australia (even those who ordinarily don't watch sport) numb, but needless to say there were plenty on Norton Street celebrating afterwards (I don't think I've heard flares go off at close range before but the one that went off outside the bar at halftime made me jump). It was an amazing experience despite the result- seeing many of Sydney's Italian community in Azzuri jerseys wrapped in green-and-gold scarves, and seeing a city captivated for two weeks in a way I hadn't seen since the 2000 Olympics.

A wake was clearly needed. Kel and I ended up going to Kings Cross followed by Taylor Square (Judgement Bar) until about 8am. When I got out of the cab on Marrickville Rd in the morning the shops were already open so I went to the butcher on the way home. This was in preparation for going around to my parents' place for my Dad's birthday that night, and cooking dinner (seeing as I was the only one not working that day). I had probably 3 hours sleep before getting up, going to Yum Cha with Kel and Yvonne, getting a lift to my car, and then getting ready to head down to the Shire.

I stayed at my parents' place on Tuesday night, and woke up at a decent hour on Wednesday. I had various plans including shopping, getting my suit trousers taken up, cleaning the bathroom, but settled for more DVD watching, and having dinner with Nathan at the usual Vietnamese place (which shall hereafter be known as the usual Vietnamese place- I don't condone going to the same place when there's so much variety around, but it's cheap, quick and close, and we usually do dinner before Nathan's Spanish classes at 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays (not every week mind you).

Thursday I caught up on the last couple of days, sleeping until about 2pm (I had planned to get up at 10am and do the things I'd planned to do, but that didn't quite work). At least I managed to do the grocery shopping in the evening and cook dinner at home.

So that takes me to the beginning of the cycle just gone. I'll leave that for my next entry...


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