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2006-06-13 - 8:46 p.m.

I'm a few days late for my end-of-each-cycle entry, but here goes anyway. For pretty much the whole working week I did very little and spent very little. I'm not even sure if I left the house after work on any of my mornings or before work on any of my afternoons. And the work cycle was pretty easygoing from memory, my first two mornings were a Saturday and Sunday, and they are generally cruisey- which doesn't quite make up for the fact that I'm working the whole weekend but it helps.

So then Friday (9th June) was my first day off. Despite not getting up until after midday, I managed to get the grocery shopping done, which was fortunate given how the rest of my weekend panned out. That night I went to see Split Enz at the Entertainment Centre, whih first entailed meeting Chris and his friends and having some good Chinese at Superbowl.

Split Enz were fantastic. I wasn't as excited as I have been for other Finn related extravaganzas, mainly because I've seen 5 of said extravaganzas in the last year-and-a-half (not including this one), but they blew my expectations away. Awesome renditions of some of my favourites (eg "Stuff and Nonsense" and "Six Months in a Leaky Boat"), great songs that don't make it into Finn Brothers' sets due to the depth of their combined back-catalogues outside of the Enz (eg "The Devil You Know" and "I Hope I Never") and some surprises (eg the very early "Matinee Idyll" and the only song they played that I didn't know- "Jamboree"). Plus the trademark Finn humour and energy.

Songs played (I'll separate the main set from the two encores but that's about it, I couldn't hope to remember the order):

Shark Attack (Tim)
Poor Boy (Tim)
Dirty Creature (Tim)
Straight Old Line (Neil)
I See Red (Tim)
I Got You (Neil)
One Step Ahead (Neil)
I Hope I Never (Tim)
Pioneer/ Six Months in a Leaky Boat (Tim)
Jamboree (Tim- originally Phil Judd)
Message to My Girl (Neil)
Nobody Takes Me Seriously (Tim)
What's the Matter With You (Neil/Tim)
Give it a Whirl (Neil)
Stuff and Nonsense (Tim)
The Devil You Know (Neil)
Matinee Idyll (Tim- originally Phil Judd)

My Mistake (Tim)
One Step Ahead (Neil)
Take a Walk (Neil)
Bold As Brass (Tim)
Charlie (Tim)
History Never Repeats (Neil)

So then I had to rush off to catch the end of Ruth's benefit gig. Erin was also at the Enz so we met up afterwards and headed up to the Metro. We missed Bernie, Simon Tedeschi and Ruth singing, but we caught all of Love Shark's set. I turned up to the Metro almost entirely sober, but by th time I'd seen the end of the benefit follwed by the mandatory Townie appearance I was pretty drunk. Mark was also at the benefit and the Townie, which is always a surefire combination for drunkeness.

After a less-than-average amount of time at the Townie, Erin asked if I wanted to go back to her place with Shane, Clare and others- which I decided to do. This involved drinking cask white out of large glasses, talking too much, smoking some pot and modelling the outfit that Erin had said she was going to lend me when I could next make it to Hellfire. Damn my legs look good in a skirt. I ended up taking the outfit home, so I think I may have committed to going with them after work this Friday. Which is a bit scary since I'm likely to be more or less sober, at least when I get there.

Somehow I ended up not sleeping at all, talking to Jane at about 11am and then going straight to Yum Cha with Nathan at about midday. Thence straight to the Annandale for Pinky Beecroft and the White Russians, where I continued to drink (pretty much from after Split Enz Friday night until Sunday morning is a bit of a haze). After the Saturday afternoon gig, Nathan and I walked to his friends' place in Glebe. I was keen for a Townie night, pretty much just so I could add drinking from Friday night until Sunday morning to my list of things I've done, but Nathan suggested coming along to a party that night.

I didn't quite make it. We had a couple of drinks at the Nag's Head in Glebe, then went back to his friends' place because we had to head off to the party before too long. Just so happens that one of Nathan's friends has a regular supply of pot- so I had a small amount, and it wiped me out. Don't think I'm about to make this a regular occurence, it just happened that twice in two days fitted into the theme of the hedonistic weekend. Only the second time round it wasn't a few drags from a joint, it was one or two hits from a bong and it floored me. So I basically passed out on the couch at about 9pm while they went to the party, and was just waking up and contemplating catching a cab home at 3am when they all got home- Nathan included. So Nathan and I both ended up crashing there and going home the next morning. I felt rested enough by about 8.30am, but after getting home and watching an episode of "Angel" (I borrowed all of Season 2 from Erin, although so far I'm not all that impressed) I went to bed for about 4 hours.

The rest of Sunday was spent watching a further 9 "Angel" episodes. You understand I'm still going to have to watch them all even though they're getting kinda crap and it's only the second season. At least I managed to make myself some dinner that night- which classes as my constructive thing for the day.

That's pretty much all I have.


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