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2006-05-22 - 11:36 p.m.

It's handy that I've been keeping track of what I've been spending each day- it helps when I need to remember what I've been doing these last 2 weeks. It also helps when I try to work out if I'm going to be able to actually afford the next year, what with the intercontinental flights, the island weddings, the dual mortgage and rent thing and so on and so forth. I wont bore you with that though- I can play the accountant with the figures I've been keeping elsewhere.

So, the last day I wrote in here was Saturday 6th May- about to get back into a cycle of work after a typical 3 days of excesses. Not much to say about work that cycle, but I had Nathan and Kel over for dinner on the Sunday- I'm never going to get used to cooking for one so I might as well cook for appreciative friends. On the same theme I had an impromptu dinner party on the Tuesday night (my changeover night) with my Unifriends- Meaghan, Tara, Tristan, Jules and Dan.

Then nothing much until Friday night after my last night shift- another "oh look it's getting light outside" deal with Nathan and Kel. We went to the Townie and actually left at a sensible time (sensible considering we wouldn't have got there until about 12.30am), but I less sensibly left my house keys in my car in Newtown (had the car keys though), had to get a taxi back to the car, and then even less sensibly drove the car home. Then had a few drinks at home and that's when it got to the "it's light outside" stage.

So my two partners in crime stayed over on my floor, then we got up late the next day and had Vietnamese in Dulwich Hill. By the time that was over the day was almost over. But I did find time to drive back to Newtown and buy a Mothers' Day present.

No rest for the wicked that night however, as I caught a train out to Parramatta with Mark and Phoebe for drinks for our friend Marty's birthday. He's the one having the island wedding in September. The plan was to catch the last train home, seeing as how I had to meet my family on King St at 8.30am the next day, but somehow we ended up at Kim and Marty's place singing Karaoke on the Playstation until 2.30am. And when I finally did get home I decided to call Jane and talk for over an hour. I'd felt better than I did at breakfast the next morning.

So after a Mothers' Day breakfast I went home and slept, and the rest of the day was pretty much a writeoff- except I didn't feel like shopping and didn't have anything to make for dinner so I ended up going to Summer Hill with Nathan for woodfire pizza. Then back to his house to watch a DVD. Incidentally that was the last time I had any alcohol and that was over a week ago, which can't be a bad thing.

Monday (15th May) I drove back to my parents' place because my brother had finally relocated the original wheels for my car- I was sick of the unreliable ones I had- I whinged about them in a previous entry but I doubt I'll bother linking it. So we took them to Goodyear in Sutherland, and 4 new tyres and $450 later I was a lot less concerned about driving long distances. I felt like I'd done enough constructive things, and was able to justify putting off the grocery shopping. And that was my last day off, bringing me to the start of another cycle.

Nothing at all to speak of (except some busy work days) for my 3 mornings, but by the third one I had come down with a cold/flu and was happy not to have to get up early the next morning. Spent my changeover night at home watching Angel and Buffy, but was motivated enough at least to cook myself dinner.

Two out of 3 night shifts I didn't do anything productive beforehand, but yesterday I was up at 10am, had Yum Cha for lunch, bought a few groceries and paid all my bills for the month before going to work. Which makes up for the fact that I did nothing today and succumbed to the temptation of eating out. You get that.

Tomorrow is my second day off, but then I'm back at work on Wednesday, because for the next week I'm filling in for the boss, who is taking paternity leave. The stand-in manager role is shared by the 3 shift supervisors, but this is the first time I've done it so I'm just a little nervous about it. My standard cycle would have been Thursday through Tuesday, but instead I'm working the two Wednesdays on either side and taking the Saturday and Sunday off. Not a bad swap.

That's all I've got for now really.


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