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2006-04-18 - 10:03 p.m.

I've got to cut down on the late nights at the Townie. Apart from the fact that I waste the next day, and thus never get around to doing things like putting away clean clothes and tidying up the spare room, and apart from the fact that it's not exactly healthy, I really need to start being more careful with money. I have to get to San Francisco in August, Jane and I both have to get to Vanuatu (which essentially involves flying back to Australia and then out to Vanuatu), and Jane has to fly back to the US after Christmas (she has the flight over sorted as it's the return flight fo the one she flew over on). Plus there's a home loan here, rent over there, an increasingly high maintenance car and all the usual bills. It's pretty much time to close the door on the high disposable income era of my life that fit neatly between the end of Uni and now. We need to budget each month if we're going to be able to do this.

So, here we are on the eve of another cycle at work. Is anyone else impressed at my new found regularity? Now if I could only transfer it from writing in an online diary to every other aspect of life. I think it was last Monday night I wrote in here last (bar my previous entry which was tonight). Tuesday night I had dinner with Unifriends down the road at Bay Tinh. There was Meaghan, Tara, Tristan, Dan and Julie (who I discovered is stopping over in San Fransisco next week en route to a conference in Florida). It was good to see them all again- not a lot more to say about it really.

Then Wednesday night, which was changeover day, was one of those aforementioned Townie nights. I met up with Nathan at the local pub, and then Mark joined us. Nathan left because he was working the next day but Mark and I met Ruth at the Townie and stayed until about 3am. And somehow I didn't get to sleep for a couple of hours after that. So I felt like crap at work on Thursday, and didn't get the chance to properly sleep it off until yesterday, by which time I'd had another late night at the Townie.

Ellie and her pal Dan came up from Melbourne to stay Friday and Saturday nights, so I was up reasonably early on Friday making sure the house wasn't too messy, while on Saturday I was up at about 9.30am, had breakfast at a cafe down the road, and then went to a family BBQ at midday for my cousin's 21st before heading off to work. And after work I parked the car in Newtown, met Ellie and Dan at Purple Sneakers and ended up at the Townie until about 4.30am. Then got home and talked to Jane on the phone for an hour. Then got up at about 11.30am on Sunday to go up to Newtown for breakfast at Cinque before Ellie left.

Felt tired for the rest of Sunday but not tired enough to go to bed too early. I hired out the first 8 episodes of Angel (yes I am a certified Buffy/Angel junkie) and got through a few of them, cooked dinner and went on the computer until about midnight. Yesterday I didn't get out of bed until 3pm (although the last 45 minutes or so of that time was spent talking to Jane again). I had big plans to pay bills, make dinner, write in here, go to bed at a reasonable hour and get up at a reasonable hour to do house stuff and shopping, but Mark lured me to the Townie with Erin and Ruth. I did the making dinner and paying the bills thing mind you, but then the Townie beckoned, and another night ended at about 4am (by the time I was back home in bed anyway). I brought Nathan up there as well.

So no 10am wakeup for me today. Closer to midday, I got up and watched some more Angel, had a bath (what can I say- I'm in touch with my feminine side), went back to bed for about a hour, and then Nathan dropped by and we walked down Marrickville Road for a bite to eat. True it was eating into my "all the things I want to do with what's left of my days off" time, but it felt good to get out of the house, and when I got back here I was a lot more motivated- took the clothes in off the line, whipped up a shopping list, did the shopping, washed up before and after making dinner, and now I've written in here and in my pen-and-paper diary.

Everything's Not Lost.


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