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2006-03-31 - 5:53 p.m.

It feels like I've completely wasted these 3 days off, but then what are days off if you can't bludge around and have a break from having to do stuff? I did do stuff- but I also slept a lot and watched a lot of TV. Wednesday I got up at midday, and at 1pm met Francis for lunch on Norton Street. Francis is Jane's best friend from work over here, and we definitely get along well enough to be able to catch up without Jane as the conversation facilitator. Had a glass of wine with my handmade agnolotti filled with fresh crab meat (mmmmm) followed by a requisite macchiato. Went home and pretty much did very little for a while, before deciding I was going to head up to the video shop and hire some $1 weeklies. I have a whole list of older movies (pretty much meaning anything from 1930 to 2000) I want to see, but this video shop didn't have a great range of non new releases. I ended up settling for the classic "Citizen Kane", the erotic but pointless "9 Songs" (not on my list and not old, it was from last year, and featured live music from Franz Ferdinand and others but was essentially an hour of full-on sex scenes that didn't tell enough of a story), and the seventies thriller "Don't Look Now" (which I have yet to watch). Couldn't be bothered cooking that night, which doesn't matter so much when you have a stockpile of leftovers in the freezer.

Yesterday I had lunch with Nathan from work. Then went back to his place for coffee and left with 4 Buffy DVDs in hand. God I love that show :) After watching every episode in order from November through January I just felt like having some on hand when there's nothing on TV and I don't have the attention span for a movie. So what do you think I did for the rest of yesterday? Well- I also read a couple of chapters of "Memoirs of a Geisha", cooked dinner and cleaned the bathroom. Hmmm, I'm already feeling better about my wasted 3 days off.

I desperately wanted to do something last night though- which is easier said than done when everybody is in the middle of their working week. Nathan was working 3pm-midnight so we went to the Townie after he finished work. Then the Judgement Bar when the Townie closed. And got home at about 6.30am. A bit of a pointless night out though- drinking beer for the sake of it (there's a really cool alcohol pun in there if you look close enough), and it meant I slept all of today. Almost literally. Got up at midday, drove Nathan to his car in Newtown, came back, watched an episode of Buffy then slept for 4 hours, watched the Simpsons and now here I am.

I am intent on making dinner though. Then maybe watching a movie and going back to bed. Then lying awake for hours because I slept so much today.


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