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2006-03-13 - 6:30 p.m.

It's a curious fact that whenever I go to an Indie night and they play "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine I wake up the next day with a sore neck. More on that later.

I've definitely been keeping busy in the week since I got back from the US. After 3 nights of work everything seems back to normal- or at least alternate universe back to normal where I'm living the pseudo-bachelor's life. It certainly feels like longer than a week ago that I was less than an hour into a fourteen hour journey from Los Angeles, after a 4 hour transit at LAX.

My second day back at work I once again didn't let myself sleep in too late- in fact according to the last entry I wrote, I was definitely up, had breakfast and was writing in my diary by 11.45am. It was much less of a shitfight at work the second day, although we still had less than our full compliment of people, as poor Kel had been in a Taxi that was in an accident the day after not being able to come in due to car troubles. I got home sometime before 1am, but waited until 1.15am to give Jane a call, figuring she'd either have just woken up with plans to start work at 8am or was planning to wake up within the next half hour. Turned out to be the latter, which- apart from waking her up- worked well because we talked for 25 minutes or so and by then it wasthe time she would have had to start getting ready for work anyway. So I think we've spoken 5 times in the last week- and we both need to get International Calling Cards ASAP. Not that I know how much we've spent- just that there is a way to spend a lot less so we should be investing in it.

Third night shift I made plans to meet Mark and Nathan at the Townie afterwards, and I was faced with a moral quandry when it became clear we wouldn't be finished by midnight. The little work that is left at that time clearly only required two people, but in my new role should I always be the last to leave, or can we take it in turns like we used to? In this case Anthony was encouraging me to go, and he would finish things up with Gerry, but I had to wait until Ethan was ready because I didn't feel right leaving while he was still doing things. He could have left them for Anthony (if he trusted him to do them) but I can't fault him having an automatic "things that need doing before you go home" routine, so I waited until he had finished what he was doing.

Got to the Townie at about 1.15am, and Mark didn't last much longer but Nathan and I were there until close, and somehow I didn't get to sleep until the daylight hours.

I didn't get a lot of sleep, as I had a lunch date with Cindy at midday. And not long after that (or at least not long after Cindy gave me a lift to Newtown to collect my car which I'd sensibly left there the night before) I was heading out Liverpool way to a late afternoon/ early evening at my boss' place. The Peruvian cuisine was very good, but there was way too much of it to try everything, and I left satisfied at about 7.30pm.

By 9.30pm I was at a pub on William St for my friend Alex's 25th birthday drinks/ ensuing dancing. The pub was chosen as it was close to Club 77, which unbeknownst to Jane and myself appears to have reverted back to it's former self- a seedy Indie night club which Jane used to frequent virtually every Friday with Annie and Mark, taking pills and pashing boys, the last of whom was yours truly after much prior alcohol consumption., So it was good to see that while there may be some nights of the week when they play soul-less non-stop techno, the Indie night lives on. And so does the bad dancing and whiplash.

I didn't get majorly drunk that night (still recovering from the night before), but it was 4am when I got home, which was a handy 9am Saturday in San Francisco, so I gave Jane a call before she set off looking at apartments for the day. Sunday I slept until 2pm, and after almost piking I headed up to see Genevieve Maynard and her new band (dubbed the "Tall Boys", and still containing the biggest character from her last band) at a tiny pub in Newtown. It was an enjoyable couple of hours so I'm glad I dragged myself out of the house. Went home straight afterwards and spent the night in front of the TV-someone at work lent me the Kubrick movie "Barry Lyndon" which I knew nothing about but I'd been complaining that I'd yet to see any Kubrick (until I watched "Dr Strangelove" late last year)- but it was a very good period piece set in pre-Victorian Europe about the rise and fall of an Irish opportunist who tries to enter the English nobility. It also went for 3 hours, but that wasn't too long.

Today has been spent constructively, doing grocery shopping, posting some stuff to Jane (which cost $175 to do- she'll have to be very picky about anything else she might want sent over there. Truth be told she has all the essentials but this was work stuff that we knew wasn't going to fit in the luggage on the way over), cooking dinner, starting to read another book (I finished Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" last week, and I'm now giving "Memoirs of a Geisha" a go- it's been on our bookshelf as long as I've lived with Jane). I'm definitely making a conscious effort to do constructive things this year, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts- more than just TV, takeaway and alcohol.

On top of that, this is my third entry in a week, so things are looking up for diaryland.


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