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2006-01-08 - 9:35 p.m.

Okay so it's pretty obvious the day-to-day account of my holiday in October isn't going to happen. It doesn't matter- it was just a good way of getting me to write semi-regularly but it represents another thing I started and didn't finish.

Onto bigger things- I did get that supervisor job I was talking about in the last entry. And Jane did officially accept the job in San Francisco. So it looks like 2006 is going to be the year of the long distance relationship. And I swore I was never going to do that again!

It hasn't really hit me yet. I'm hiding behind what I think are genuine positives- I think it will actually be good for both of us, that we will become stronger individuals in the time we spend apart, and will have an even stronger relationship when I get over there. There's probably more positive aspects that have floated through my head in the last few weeks. But the fact is it's going to be very hard. We're both going to be feeling incredibly lonely and it will just be...weird. Tomorrow is our third anniversary (you know... the one where you decide to use the terms "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" after you've been shagging for three months). And we've been living together for two-and-a-half of those. I can't really preempt what it's going to be like or what it's going to feel like. There wasn't time for that- I think each of us taking our respective jobs was the right decision for now. Unless some amazing job had or does materialise for me in San Francisco.

And Cindy that room-for-let offer will still be there (I'm definitely sober now). I don't really remember much of the last time I lived alone- in that I remember the time and the stuff that was going on but I've almost forgotten what the living alone thing felt like- but I don't think I particularly want to do it for 9 months to a year. Oh yeah, in accepting this job I've pretty much committed to all of 2006 here. Anyway, there was talk on New Year's Eve of Cindy having a no committment trial of my spare room, and of Steve as a potential flatmate after he gets back from the World Cup in August (although if Cindy took me up on the offer and wanted to stay I wouldn't be kicking her out ;)

I'm not interested in advertising for flatmates that I don't know. In fact in my ideal world we let out the apartment to people we know when I go to San Francisco and don't even need real estate- according to Phoebe by the time I'm planning on going over her and Mark could be ready to move onto te next place.

Anyway, Jane is supposed to start on March 1st. We would fly over on about February 24th and I'd stay a little over a week. Then I'd be back over for her birthday in August and we'd spend 6 weeks together (33 working days leave is a perk of going back to shift) and Jane would save the majority of her leave fr Christmas/ New Year.

It's all too soon though. It's insane. Before I know what's hit me I'll have been there and back and be in my early thirties.

That's all I have for tonight. I'll try to be back soon to give a rundown of the last however long. At least a wrap up of the silly season.


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