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2005-12-10 - 7:42 p.m.

Meh. I should have known that my promise of a now entry and regular dents into chronicling my trip were far fetched. As usual I find that I'm not motivated when I get back from work and on weekends I'm either out or recovering from being out. Let's knock another day off the trip and at least I can say I'm trying to get back into the habit.

Monday 17th October

I'm pretty sure we slept in a fair bit and didn't really do much on the whole until mid-afternoon. Actually I tell a lie- the morning was spent looking for an auto electrician who could tell me what was wrong with my car but they were all busy and couldn't find anything wrong in any case. Then after grabbing breakfast we went back to our room and lazed around for a few hours, thus bringing us to mid afternoon. Eventually decided we'd walk to the botanic gardens before taking a tram to St Kilda where I was meeting my friend Josh (best friend from high school who now lives down there). Had a couple of beers at the Espy watching the sun set over the bay, then had dinner at a European place (the sort of place that does goulash and schnitzels and sauerkraut). Josh went home after we grabbed some gelato and then Jane and I went to Mink (which I metioned in my last entry) for six shots of infused vodka between us. That pretty much covers Monday.

Tuesday 18th October

I know that by the afternoon we were shopping on Brunswick Street but I cant remember if we did anything in the morning. I think just grabbed breakfast, looked around in a few shops, ent back to the room for a bit and by about 3pm were having Yum Cha on Little Bourke St. After shopping on Brunswick St we quickly checked out Ellie's apartment before heading back to Brunswick St to have dinner with Krystal (good friend from Uni). This chronicling is getting easier- there's a lot less to say a few months down the track. Now if only I had time to write in detail about some of my recent nights out just after they happened, it would get me back into the swing of things.


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