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2005-11-29 - 8:32 p.m.

Alright, I'm going to do another day or two of the trip (each time I do this I'll get less detailed I'm sure) and then skip forward to a now entry if I have time.

Sunday 16th October

As was to become habit for most of the days in which I was not driving, I slept in until somewhere bewteen 9 and 10am. On those days Jane would always get up first, while on the drivin days it was always me. Anyway, we headed down to St Kilda to check out the markets, but not long into it we went for a walk down the wharf and caught the ferry to Williamstown. We were greeted at the other end by more markets, but these ones were better- or just different, I'd been to the St Kilda markets before. The atmosphere and the weather was very lazy Sunday, and you've got to give credit to markets that have a petting zoo set up!

There was also a lot of cool looking shops on the street front. A record shop straight out of High Fidelity, a bookshop, lots of cafes. I found what I thought was a rare Bowie book (turns out they'd just released the standard edition and what I paid was pretty much the retail price- it was originally only released in limited edition form with a gold cover, probably hologrammtic, signed and gold leafed as well for something like $900). Bought it of course. Had a wine and a Corona with lunch, then proceeded to feel slightly queasy after the return ferry trip.

Caught the tram from St Kila up to North Fitzroy, then walked a good 20 minutes across to Brunswick St and the retreat, where we met up with not only Ellie but Sasha and Anths. Proceeded to drink a fair amount of beer before hitting Lygon Street with Jane for dinner and a bottle of wine. Had vague thoughts of going bac to St Kilda to Mink vodka bar but decided it could be left for another day.

There, that's much better- if I keep writing like this I'll get through the trip in no time. I realise it's not all that exciting but hey, I'd like a record of it somewhere.


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