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2005-11-24 - 6:17 p.m.

On with the program...

Saturday 15th October

Slept in until about 9am- felt that I'd pretty much already done everything I wanted to do at the Prom that could be done in a day. I'd love to go back for a week and do the overnight hike to the lighthouse, but as far as a sample went the walk I did on Friday evening was great. So after packing our stuff back into the car we checked out and went for a long walk along the beach before heading off. There were some spectacular views on the road down (yeah that sentence really belongs in Friday's bit) that I didn't really capture on camera, but all in all as brief a stop as it was it was one of the highlights of the trip.

So on to Melbourne we went. And all of a sudden my car decided it wasn't going to behave itself. The engine cut out (for less than a second) while we were cruising along the highway, and then stalled when I was passing through a town. We worked out it was linked to having the air conditioner on, and decided to head on to Melbourne with no air con. and take the risk rather than call the NRMA/RACV. This was all around Leongatha for reference sake.

It was somewhere between 4 and 5pm when we finally got to the middle of Melbourne to our accommodation. Not exactly the Ritz- it was a place designed as medium to long term student accommodation, the first room key they gave us was for a room that had someone's stuff in it (thankfully they were out), the parking situation was also a bit dodgy, and we managed to get stuck in a lift at one point. But it did the job, was central and was cheap.

So at about 7pm we wandered down to catch the tram up to Brunswick to meet Ellie at the Retreat- which is a large pub with beer garden. Had dinner and some drinks and then decided to go to the Espy were some of Ellie's friends were as well as my old (well, young, but, you get the idea...) pal Anths. Problem was I wasn't really in the mood for loud live unfamiliar music (saw the Suits and left before the Anyones) and Jane and I were both very tired, so we didn't stay long. We made plans to meet Ellie at the retreat again the next day as the Blackeyed Susans were playing from 5pm.

And that was Saturday. More to come...


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