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2005-10-12 - 7:29 p.m.

Jane and I are going on a road trip tomorrow morning and I've become obsessed with making compilation CDs for the car. I figure if I start my entry talking about what I'm doing instead of writing in here then I can get both done.

I've had the last three (well, five if you count the weekend) days off work and have had a big to do list- I think finally writing another entry in here might be the last thing I need to tick off.

So the road trip...when I tell people I'm going to Adelaide I am inevitably met with "Why?". I've wanted to drive along the Great Ocean Road for a while, and I've never been to South Australia, so that's reason enough for me. Sure there are plenty of places I've never been, but there's plenty of time to get to them too.

So tomorrow morning we set out, with our first planned stop being Eden on the NSW South Coast. The theme of this holiday was to be taking it easy, not planning too much and just doing what we felt like on a day by day basis- but it feels pretty planned at the moment. We're planning on visiting a cheese factory- either in Bega or Central Tilba- in the afternoon. Friday we're driving from Eden to Wilson's Promontory- the southernmost point of the Australian mainland. To actually get to the point itself it's an overnight walk I'm told, but there are also some good 2 hour round trip walks we can do on the Saturday morning before heading to Melbourne. I'm also hopeful the walks and views aren't too affected by a big bushfire they had there earlier in the year. It sounds like a place I could spend a week at (my family are big campers) but like the Cheese Factory and the Wineries we'll have to settle for a taste.

Saturday night we're catching up with Ellie, dinner and then probably some Indie dancing- I've let Ellie sort out the details. We're going to be in Melbourne until Wednesday morning, and in tha time I've also got Josh (best friend from High School) and Krys (best friend from Uni) to catch up with. The rest of that time will be worked out on a day to day basis.

Wednesday the plan is to drive down to Sorrento, catch the ferry across to Queenscliff and continue along the Great Ocean Road until we hit Apollo Bay. The last time I attempted to see the Great Ocean Road with Ellie I underestimated how long it would take so I hope I haven't done that with Wednesday's travelling. If so we can stay at Lorne instead. I'm not sure what it is about the Sorrento-Queenscliff idea but both of us want to do it. I'd rather set off early from Melbourne than stay in Sorrento- there's not that much there, it's expensive and I've been there and done that.

So then Thursday we'll continue along the Great Ocean Road into South Australia and stay in Mount Gambier (home of an impressive Blue Lake I'm told) if all goes to plan. Should be plenty of sightseeing stops that day.

Friday (21st October for those of you playing at home)is the ultimate irony. After planning this trip virtually down to the wire (despite the original "take each day as it comes" mentality) I discover that the Whitlams are playing in Adelaide at the Governor Hindmarsh on the very day we get there. Another capital city to add to the list (along with Sydey, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne) and a perfect opportunity to catch up with Em and Occy. We're not doing it for you Tim, it's for us you know (okay so virtually no one will get that- I was once told that when I complimented Tim on two very varied sets over two nights at Tilley's in Canberra.

Saturday and Sunday will be days to do what tickles our fancy, and then on Monday we're going on an organised day trip to Kangaroo Island (it's not cheap but then neither is getting two people and your own car over on the ferry and staying the night). Tuesday we're heading up to the Barossa for two nights (slot in a winery tour on the full day we're there), and then it's on to Wagga for a friend's wedding (with an overnight stay in Mildura). From Wagga we go to Orange to stay with one of Jane's school friends for two nights, and then it's back to Sydney on Wednesday November 2nd, and back to work the next day.

Phew- now to think up an entry that brings us up to date (it's only been about six weeks since my last real entry. Stay tuned...


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