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2004-12-01 - 3:32 p.m.

A timely analogy- you know when you've got no choice but to park on the roof of a shopping centre on a hot day, and you come back to your car (after forgetting to put the foil winscreen protector thingy up), and if simply getting in isn't bad enough, you turn on the engine and it takes a few minutes for the air con to kick in and until then it's like you've stepped into a blast furnace?

That's what the wind was like outside today. I left the house for 20 minutes to pick my wine up from the post office. I think I'll spend the rest of the day inside with the fan and some beer.

But hey, it's the first day of Summer, and I love Summer. It's not about whether you prefer the hot weather or the cold weather (if it was purely a weather thing then Spring would win hands down). But Summer is endings and beginnings and parties and BBQs and beer and music festivals and food and Christmas. I think Americans would go insane over here between Easter and Christmas- they have all these well timed holidays that they make a big deal out of to break up the year. 4th of July, Thanksgiving... they even have Christmas in the middle of winter to soften the blow of those sub-zero days.

I always take at least some holidays during December so that I feel like the rest of the population. Sure I worked 3 Christmas mornings in a row and this year I'll be suffering my first 6am start on New Year's Day, but in my own way I manage to cruise through December and January before really settling down for the New Year.

Today's my first of six days off (ie 3 days I would've had anyway and 3 days leave). Since my big trip I've only been taking 3 days leave at a time- 3 around Jane's birthday, 3 now, 3 over Christmas- but each equates to almost a week off so that's not bad at all.

I have to start thinking about Christmas shopping. The main one being Jane- I've got a pretty good record so far, how on Earth am I going to keep thinking up really cool presents? I have to give my parents a Christmas list- I think I'm going to ask for the complete Astroboy DVDs, and maybe the best of CNNNN DVD and/or the Chaser Annual as options for my siblings. DVDs are a good option- I don't have that many but they're always welcome. Buying me CDs on the other hand is like buying Imelda Marcos shoes.

I was reading back over old entries and I realised how much more creative I was when my life was in disarray. Take this time two years ago. Getting together with Jane (the process was disarray, obviously the final outcome was good), fighting with Cindy, starting to lose Annie. They might not have been happy entries but they were interesting. I'm trying to learn how to write again while things are more or less status quo, and still make it interesting and different. At least for me.

Having said that, not everything has been status quo. There have been some interesting developments over the last couple of weeks which I'll get to in my next entry.


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