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2004-11-25 - 10:31 p.m.

Even when I don't feel like I've been incredibly slack in here it's almost a month since I last wrote! Argh. There's actually a lot of stuff I want to write but I'm not going to right now, I'm going to stick to the premise that if I get up to date then I'm more likely to sit down and think of interesting things to write. Does anybody else see the problem?

Okay, so I'm going to do this quickly. Friday 5/11- middle of my days off, saw The Camels and Skulker at the Hopetoun but ended up eating at flash Neil Perry restaurant XO beforehand instead of pub food just because we could. Looked at apartments on Saturday- I'll cover the whole "we're looking at buying an apartment" thing in another entry, if I haven't already done so.

Ellie came up from Melbourne on Monday 8/11, we caught up at the Townie on Tuesday night and somehow I found myself at the Sando with Ellie and Eegs watching "The OC" on a big screen with Phil from Grinspoon hosting.

Friday night (12/11) went to the Townie after work with Ellie, Eegs, Kat and Mel- proceeded to get quickly drunk, Jane turned up, I started buying people shots (2 each for Jane and I and *one* for Mel, yet all eyes were on me when she threw up all over Eegs' place. Well, metaphorically all eyes were on me, since I wasn't there when it happened).

Breakfast at Cinque on Saturday then looked at a few more places, but had a queit night in. Sunday was hectic. Up early and down to the Shire to see my Mums's one day art exhibition (well, hers and a bunch of other people), back into Newtown with Jane and my cousin Yasmine to spend the rest of the day in the Sun at the Newtown festival. Then saw Smudge at the Annandale, who I've wanted to see for years now, and they didn't disappoint. Jane and I had dinner on King St at about the only place open at 10pm on a Sunday, but it was very impressive. Then Monday was my domestic day when I did the shopping and finally got my bloody dining table that we picked out in September.

Wednesday 17/11- Machine Gun Fellatio at the Metro. I still like them live and the set was full of new stuff which is all better live than on the album. There are a few other things I could write about that night but I won't right now.

Saturday 20/11 I took all the hours I had saved up from working back and left work at about 7.30pm to head to Phoebe's party. Sat around on milk crates mingling with strangers, including some gigantic science nerds (I had to be the voice of reason- the scientist with other interests namely pop culture).

Yesterday I caught up with Cindy in Newtown- lunch at Cinque and a couple of Coronas at the Townie, the Sun even managed to come out for a bit. Then last night was Elvis Costello at the State Theatre. Overall impression- I really enjoyed all the songs I knew but I was very disappointed he didn't play "I Want You", and I thought it was a mistake not to end on the back-to-back "Oliver's Army" and "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding", instead playing a dreary country number and a slightly rockier song I didn't know to end on. Damn him for not going off and coming back for "I Want You". Enough of that, I'm supposed to be a music nerd, a concert shouldn't come down to the actual songs played but so often it does for me.

Ah well. That's where I'm going to leave it for tonight, but as I said there's lot more that I have to say that can wait for another time.


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