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2004-10-26 - 11:27 p.m.

I have no idea why I'm signed up to Optus Broadband when it's slower than dial-up was. I don't know what it is, whether it's to do with our phone line or what, since it's ADSL (we never had any problems with a cable modem at home or in the other place I lived for that matter). Coupled with the fact that I can't think of all that many songs I want to download, and there's nowhere near as much around as there used to be and I'm wasting $40 per month (my dial-up was $10).

Anyway, I'm actually in this window now so nothing can stop me writing, bar apathy. I'll just save the text and if the internet doesn't want to let me add an entry at the end of it then it's all there.

The last thing I recall writing about was my big night out with Erin and friends, which I'm pretty certain was on Friday 10/9. Well six-and-a-half weeks behind is pretty standard these days, so it's all good.

I think the next major thing was my party (Sat 25/9- a changeover day). Part birthday party, part "it's time I had another party" party. From Uni there was Liz, Cristan and, in a rare showing, Jody and her boy Anthony. There was the ethereal Mark and Phoebe, Erin and Ruth, my sister for a bit and then later she returned with my brother, and that may have been it. I know it was a fairly small gathering, and there was perhaps a bit too much piano singalong for Jane's liking (I guess she wanted to listen to our painstakingly created compilation CD :P). The punch was as lethal as ever, Jane made me a Tiramasu cake and, well, I don't know what else there is to say about it.

For my actual birthday, which was on Wednesday 29th, Jane took me to the Hunter Valley, as much as anyone can take you somewhere when you're still doing the driving. We stayed at a place called The Vineyard Estate, which doesn't have a cellar door or market any of their wine but they have a seafood restaurant which was nice. And the room was cool- a gigantic four post (more like four tree trunks) bed and a spa (well, clearly it consisted of more than just those two features but anyway...)

On the Thursday we quickly arranged to join a winery tour, where a shuttle bus picks people up from their various accommodation and takes them to a variety of wineries. We ended up joining one- Ivanhoe Wines, so we'll be getting a half-dozen every four months as long as we stay on. It was a well-rounded tour, involving the smallest operating winery in the Valley and one of the biggest, a place specialising in champagne and choclate (including chilli chocolate!), cheese and...err...more wine. Then that night we went to a restaurant up the road- "Casuarina", which specialised in flambe, in particular the chilli prawn and green lobster tail flambe which was divine.

We were lucky to have a predominately sunny day for our tour because it was raining on the way up and absolutely bucketing on the way back to Sydney. Some of the worst conditions I've ever driven in, bar the Wollongong floods and the insane wind on the way to the Yallah Woolshed.

Then that night was Tim Freedman solo at the Basement, a big night and possibly a tangent that I'll leave for another entry...


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