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2004-09-09 - 1:16 a.m.

*Finally* I have my replacement monitor. Grrr. And double grrr that my ADSL modem is not *always* connected to the internet like it should be. I suspect that it is to do with our phone line and whinging to Optus would be as useful as something not very useful at all.

So in front of me I have my list of things to write about dating back to the beginning of July, which itself is now more than 3 weeks old, so I think I might attack the last 3 weeks first. It's Wednesday, or early Thursday morning in case you were wondering. Yesterday was my sister's birthday and we went out for Vietnamese/ Chinese on King St (quite handy for Jane and I). Sunday was Fathers' Day and I went around to my parents' place after work (Jane met me there) and cooked a veritable feast.

Going back to Friday night, I went out with Mark (Jane was still recovering from a nasty flu- well, she was recovered before you accuse me of not being a good enough boyfriend for not staying at home with her but needed to catch up on sleep). We went up to the Sando to check out Tom Morgan, then to the Townie for a bit, and then onto Spectrum, or Pash, or whatever you want to call it.

First impressions- way better than Death Disco, the venue and the music. Death Disco were so damn pretentious that they had to stop before they got uncool, and the DJs wouldn't take requests, or at least refused to play my request the one time I asked the one time I went there. And the music catered mainly to people that went there every week, not people who went to check it out because it was and Indie Club and they like Indie Music. Spectrum was playing "Close to Me" by the Cure as we came in, and in the short time we were there played Bowie, The Killers and New Order among others. Also upstairs, while the music and the patrons were dodgier (more in a daggy than dark and sleazy way), there were booths, lounges and pool tables. A bit like what I remember of Revolver in Melbourne. Anyway, hopefully I'll go back there with Jane (which is more fun than a couple of guys perving at all the girls and knowing full well that neither of them are available even if they had a chance) this Friday night after my delightful friend Erin's birthday dinner.

So, continuing back through the last few weeks... Thursday was my first day off and I have a sneaking suspicion that I did nothing but watch TV and probably clean the house. Did I mention I am the very proud (read excited as a preschooler) owner of the complete Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD. I am so going to have a nerd party one day (oh and to the Sydneysiders reading this it won't happen at my birthday party so do please come, and any interstaters are more than welcome too :)

I had 6 days in a row off from 20/8-26/8. 3 days leave and my standard 3 days off. The 20th (Friday) Jane had a birthday dinner for her friends- about 15 in all- which ended in a drunken shambles at the Townie as all good birthday celebrations should. Saturday was Jane's actual 26th birthday. I bought her a dressy watch- silver with a pink face (very her) and took her out for a $130 per head 7 course degustation at a place called Coast at Cockle Bay.

Sunday we had Yum Cha in Parramatta with her family, while Monday through Thursday I did a lot of house cleaning, furniture rearranging and somewhere in there managed to curse our monitor while moving the computer into the spare room.

And that pretty much takes me back to where my list ends, which means I only have another 5 or 6 weeks to catch up on.

Ah well, you get that.


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