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2004-05-12 - 9:04 p.m.

Okay, this is mainly for Cindy :) I was contemplating writing a "review" and sending it to "the list" which I am no longer a part of, but I'm not really inspired- plus there's obviously a reason I'm not there anymore- it's not me anymore.

So I wandered "upward to the Vanguard" (that's from "Race For The Prize" by the Flaming Lips) on King St last night to see the Whitlams (initially dubbed the Moody Jews but it was in fact the full band) for the first time since the Newtown Festival last year and only the third time in about 2 years. I'm comfortable enjoying them again- I'm under no illusions about one of my former idols but there's no emotional connection to the stories I've heard anymore and it makes it easier to just think about the music (and still act ever-so-slightly starstruck when I'm talking to him I guess).

I've been keen to see a gig at the Vanguard since it opened last year, and especially since Jane told me about their Oyster menu- and when I found about this gig I didn't hesitate- I knew it was time to return to the fold for a night. I'm finding a couple of times a year is healthy these days.

So I went alone and had dinner alone and seriously only saw a handful of familiar faces (okay, so there was only a handful of people there but there was only 3 people from the "old days"- namely Kate, Phil and Sarah). The oysters- nothing short of orgasmic. Okay, something short of orgasmic because really that's not something you want at dinner in public is it? I had a half dozen oysters topped with salmon roe and drenched in sherry and they were seriously the best oysters ever.

And when I (predictably) ordered duck for main course they asked me how I wanted it done. I eat duck whenever it's on offer and I never knew you could choose how it was done- isn't it like chicken? But sure enough my medium cooked duck was a nice pink colour and the most succulent duck I've ever had.

Oh wait, there was supposed to be a gig review in here somewhere right?

So all they've released since that last insane month (July 2002) when I saw 6 gigs in two capital cities is a single which in itself is a cover, but it's still interesting to see how they've changed over two years. New (for better or worse) arrangements, old classics, etc.

There's not much else to say except to fall into old habits and get into the setlist...


Cries Too Hard

Laugh in Their Faces- loved the intro, which sounded like the demo version

from the J files before it kicked into more familiar


Breathing You In

Made Me Hard

Ease of the Midnight Visit- Dramatically different arrangement, allegedly so it

would better suit strings.

Where is She?

Best Work- Comments about the excuses radio stations give when they think your

song sucks. This time it was the weather.

There's No One

Witness Protection Scheme

No Aphrodisiac- Long gone are the days of the outro. That'll change at my

party ;)

Met My Match



Fall For You

Lights Are Back On

Charlie #2- the old faithful ballad version

God Drinks At the Sando

Blow Up The Pokies

Royal in the Afternoon

Gone Surfin'

You Sound Like Louis Burdett



Life's a Beach


Following My Own Tracks

Duffy's Song


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