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2004-05-06 - 12:23 p.m.

(Written 10/04/04)

Hi there beautiful,

I got all confused about what day it was yesterday, as you saw. I'm sorry I

didn't get a chance to call, I'm going to have to wait until I've checked in

at the airport so that you'll be up.

The one thing I don't like about the hostel is the lockout from 11am to

4-ish. In theory it's okay because there's so much to see and do that people

mostly don't want to be hanging around during the day, but I somehow managed

to see everything I wanted to see (says the boy who was stressing he wasn't

going to have enough time) and I stayed up really late last night but

couldn't lie in bed all morning.

So I haven't had a shower yet today, I thought I'd wait until the afternoon

so I wasn't worried about heaps of other people wanting to use it at the same time.

The main people I've been hanging out with have been 2 girls from Melbourne

(who are originally English)- Jemma and Mim, a guy from Oxford-Sam, and 2

Danish girls Lene and Marie. I got chatting to them on the first night not

long after I wrote that big group email, and after having beers in the

common room we decided to go out. There was a place in Lonely Planet that

was supposedly a converted Meat Packing refridgerator, but it wasn't there

anymore and we found a club on the other side of the road to where we were

looking for that one.

It was called Lotus, drinks were expensive and it seemed fairly trendy but

it was good, we stayed out until 4am.

Yesterday I walked around Greenwich Village, Tribeca and Soho. It was at

this point that I decided I'd done all the walking I needed to and had

comprehensively done Manhattan, and could have so happily stayed in today.

Last night, went down the road- was it the Luna Lounge you were recommending

to me? We had a look in there and didn't stay even though it seemed cool,

because we weren't really in the mood for coming in in the middle of a live

set. So we went to "Iggy's", which you would have loved, very 77 music, the

only thing is no place to dance, just comfy booths and barstools.

Then we took a cab to the Knitting Factory because someone had told Sam (the

English guy) it was good and it had your endorsement (albeit mainly based on

who played there) but they were closing up, so we went back to the East

Village to a place called "Lit". By then it was just Sam and I, and before

long I found myself hanging out with 2 guys and 2 girls who were locals,

and Sam had gone off chasing a girl or something. So I ended up drinking* back

at their very swish apartment (well, two of them lived there), and it was

daylight by the time I got back to the hostel.

So I've made up for Meaghan and Cristan's boringness in the last couple of

nights, and now I'm looking forward to catching up with old friends. But I'm

more looking forward to seeing you in less than 3 weeks time.

I love you and I will try my best to call from the airport at like 7pm-ish

so it'll be 9am there (I hope that's not too early to call your parents

house), but if I can't do that then I will ring you tomorrow from Tara's

house (where you'll only be 9 hours ahead and that'll be cool because

recently in the middle of the day is when I've had the opportunity to call

you but that's the middle of the night over there.


* Okay, so when I said I ended up "drinking" at their very swish apartment, it was a very diluted version of the truth, the reason being that I wanted to tell Jane about it on the phone because it was a pretty big thing for me. I was talking to these guys as the club closed so I half invited myself and they half suggested I should hang out with them. I think there was talk about them having "good weed" which so isn't my thing but most of you know that I get into this mindframe where I want to relate to why everyone else thinks it's good (okay, not everyone), and so I try it from time to time and it usually does nothing for me except make me feel like my chest is on fire.

So I get in the car with them and one of them says that they should "warn" me about their lifestyle in advance. Yeah I know what you're thinking, I ended up in a huge orgy or something ;) No, I was told that it involved stimulants, specifically Coke- and rather than freak me out I saw it as an opportunity to expand my life experience, and stop complaining about opportunities never presenting themselves to me. Anyway, that's a story for another entry, as is the cake in Amsterdam. Woah.


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