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2004-01-02 - 5:44 a.m.

So it's 2004. Is that how I began the year in here last year? (Well, clearly I would have said "so it's 2003" but the point is it's what I used to say every year in my pen-and-paper diary). You'll have to give me a day or two to work out some New Year's Resolutions, for now I'll fill you in on New Year's Eve.

Half of the things Jane and I were going to prepare for the party we bailed on when 4pm came around and we'd just managed to finish cleaning the house. In hindsight the 20 chicken wings, Caesar salad and nut slice were not missed among the sausages, steaks, kebabs and salads.

It was an encouraging turnout, given how last minute the party was. My friend Stuart from primary school turned up for a few hours, Fordie came by between work drinks and a gig in good spirits, my soon-to-be travel buddy from Uni Cristan stayed til about 10pm, Jane's best friend Mark and his girl came, went and then came back again after midnight, as did Jane's brother, while there at the turn of the year were Cindy (by then the only one of my friends left), Jane's ex flatmate and close friend Sally, and more of Jane's friends, namely Kim, Marty, Gerard and Rob.

You could see the City, Darling Harbour and Parramatta fireworks from our bedroom, which was cool- maybe we should start planning another New Year's party :) We had a shambolic punch which we weren't sure what we were doing with- cold tea, pineapple juice and a bottle of vodka isn't enough folks, so I went about adding a bit of everything until we got it right. We had plenty of beer, black and white Russians, a barbecue and a 300mL bottle of absinthe which we downed with the help of teaspoons of burning sugar cubes.

I managed to forget a lot of conversations and the fact that I tried to pash Mark (and go where many have gone before :P), have a trivial drunken fight with Jane and pass out on the couch next to Cindy for about half an hour before going to bed. It was one of those nights.

Jane and I slept for about 80% of New Year's Day, didn't even think about cleaning up until this morning, and shelved plans to cook the chicken wings for last night's dinner, eating what was left in the fridge instead.

Tonight Jane and I are going to one of those "How to Host a Murder" parties at Kim and Marty's place. Tomorrow I'm going to think a bit more about what 2004 might have in store.


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