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2003-11-16 - 1:17 a.m.

I haven't got anything in particular to write but I've vowed to add an entry everytime I come here, at least for a while- to get back in the swing of writing.

I didn't do a lot this weekend (not said in a bad way) and it's made my weekend feel longer thanks to the lack of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

My cleaning day yesterday went well- I'm moderately confident that I can now find any unpaid bills I might have, as well as being a little more equipped (but still in deep trouble) if I was ever the subject of a tax audit.

The problem with my enthusiastic cleaning frenzies is that I half expect my enthusiasm to rub off on Jane, to the point where it comes across as me being pushy about her doing some of the cleaning. It's not that she doesn't- it's just that certain things I know if they aren't done by, say 5pm yesterday- they more than likely aren't going to get done until next week because we have things to do today and there is very little time during the week. Or at least there is virtually zero time for Jane- I have about two hours before she gets home of an afternoon so I feel like anything that needs doing on a weekday I'll end up doing.

Enough about that. Last night I went to the movies for the first time in about a year (with the exception of Moonlight Cinema in January or February). Jane and I both had double passes to use before December so there will be another trip to the movies in the next couple of weeks. I saw "In The Cut", which is the new Jane Campion film starring Meg Ryan and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It was pretty gruesome, and graphic in both the sex and violence stakes (the former being the reason that most of the people there were middle aged men on their own). For starters, one of the opening scenes has the most graphic blowjob scene you will *ever* see outside of a porno. And let's just say if you can't handle dismembered body parts then steer well clear.

It was a good movie though- good acting, well made but the ending let it down a little bit.

Then today we went to Yum Cha with a bunch of people from work- namely Yvonne, Jenny, Joel, Tony and Nga. It's good to do something socially with people from work because I don't often- there are a handful of people I get along with really well and some I work really well with, but they aren't really into the same things I am. Food is universal though, right?

That's about all there is to say about the weekend I guess. Until next time...


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