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2003-11-13 - 3:06 p.m.

Iíve been up and down in my head recently (okay, okay, maybe I just have to accept that Iím just more moody than I used to be), but this evening I feel good. Mostly :)

I love Summer. I know weíre still a few weeks away but I think the start of Daylight Saving is almost the beginning of Summer. I love that itís close to 8pm and itís only just hit dusk (sorry Blueshoe I guess you canít relate to that one, but think of the farmers :P). I love that even though I got home from work at 6.30pm I still managed to walk up to the road to return my videos, buy a six pack, come home, hang out my washing and still have a good half an hour of light to sit on the lounge in a shorts and t-shirt and drink beer in. Oh and it was one of those ones you put a lemon in the top and it donít taste too bad Iím telling you.

So what else can I write? (Everythingís alright?)

I feel like thereís more to say about work, but Iím not sure what exactly. In my last entry I said there were no regrets about my decision to take the project role, and I canít tell you how good a feeling that is. Iím not saying it hasnít had its ups and downs (and Iíve already mentioned a few of those) but there is no doubt I made the right choice.

*Okay, so Iím not going to get all coy talking about money just because my friends are reading, since itís my diary and all*

Financially it was kinda bizarre timing. A few months earlier I opened one of those high interest internet savings accounts, I have a 6 week overseas trip in March to budget and I rather than go into money conservation mode I decided ďbugger it, Iím moving outĒ. But that decision, like the project position, was about it being what I wanted or needed regardless of timing, and so when Jane and I decided we were ready there was no nagging thought that I should wait until May next year. As for the job, well, you can read the background again if you like, but the essence of it was it was then and there- take it or leave it.

So at the end of July I had a decent $10-12K in my savings, and in the months since I havenít saved anything, but that (and my credit limit which I recently increased) is enough for my trip already. Having said that, when I was asked if I was interested in extending the duration of my role I declined, and money was one of the factors.

I managed to exclude finance from my decision making early and one of the reasons was that it was only 3-4 months. So I thought I should stick to my initial budget, and I knew that I was more likely to regret not going back to shift than going back, as Iím fairly confident that opportunities will continue to arise to go back onto days.

Plus as I said I was up and down about the actual work I was doing. At times I felt I needed to go back on shift to get my confidence back but these last three days as stressful as it has been itís made me feel like I could be a full time Project Chemist. Iím still not entirely sure Iíd want to though. Being the only point of call about a particular problem can be a real pain.

Lifestyle-wise there is no question I want to be on days. I just feel like I fit in so much more- I get my weekends, my weeknights, my public holidays, I think I just feelÖ better. I donít think I want to stay on shift more than 2 years. But I do want to go back there for a while.

Iím starting to ramble a bit and lose my train of thought so I might leave it at that. Two substantial entries in one evening- God Iím glad Iím over my writerís block- writing makes me feel a lot more completeÖor something

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