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2003-10-29 - 2:44 p.m.


I've never really been a whiney sick person- well, I'm hardly ever sick anyway, but I was always more likely to deny I was feeling unwell if asked. But blah. Runny nose, fever, not sure if eating is going to make me feel better or worse. I woke up Saturday morning with a ragged throat and I thought it was just because of the 4 bottles of wine we went through on Friday night (of which Jane and I probably shared 3 of them), but then for the next couple of days my stomach was churning and now it's all the aforementioned crappy symptoms of the flu.

I'll fill you in on Melbourne when I'm feeling a bit better. But I'll say this while I'm whining- flying with a bad head cold is murder. Or at least the descent. Both Jane and I thought our heads were going to explode- Jane was almost in tears.

I pity the migraine sufferer.


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