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2002-09-11 - 11:30 p.m.

I don't think I could be bothered trying to remember what I wrote in that entry that I lost. Basically we're settling into our new place, we're getting used to living with each other- it's not all days of wine and roses (and I'll have you know that that was a Lou Reed quote before it was a Whitlams one, which could be a nice segue into a Lou Reed review except I'm going to leave that for now. Where was I? Oh yeah- I think it took a couple of weeks for both of us to get into our comfort zones, and it's a continuous learning curve. At times we confuse the hell out of each other but then we always talk over whatever's on our mind and know a little bit more about how the other works by the end of it.

I also wrote something about the fact that Spring is upon us again- yay- and threw in a Nirvana quote...

"Spring is here again...tender age in bloom"

And went on to say that September is my favourite month because of the contrast between Spring and Winter, because October and November are just in between months, December is as stressful as it is exciting and then January is a comedown from the silly season. Plus it ends with my birthday (September that is).

So we've been here almost a month now (it will be four weeks tomorrow that we signed the lease) and the only essential that we're missing is a washing machine (I've been driving home from work via my parents' house), plus we're far from unpacked- the spare room is full of boxes. I might have said some of this in my last entry. I guess there's no harm in repeating myself. I guess there's no harm in repeating myself :P

Yes, so I have to write about Lou Reed, which was absolutely amazing, but I'll leave that for another night and write an in depth one like I did for the Bens. I saw him (Lou that is) tonight at the Enmore Theatre (which incidentally is less than 10 minutes walk away) and last Thursday at the State Theatre.

Work's been going okay- I think I've finally got to a point where I've got a steady stream of things to do, but that doesn't exempt me from unproductive lazy days. I've had a couple of really productive ones this week though. I'll get the hang of this discipline and time management thing yet :)

I think that's all I want to write for tonight. There will be a Lou Reed review in the near future I promise...


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