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2003-08-19 - 4:57 p.m.

It was like the weather in Byron was mocking us. On Saturday the sun was shining as we walked, hungover, to the Fields- but by the evening it was freezing. On Sunday it looked like the sun was back for good, and while it was contributing to me feeling nauseous on the way there (more lack of sleep than anything else, but maybe also because I tried to eat breakfast when my appetite was being chemically suppressed) we were confident that it would make the ground drier than the day before and hence while I was either coming down or just chilling out (I really didn’t have a come down, though something freaky happened but more of that in good time) we could just relax and not watch the bands. After all there was essentially only one that I really wanted to see.

Alas just as we tried to put our sitting-on-the-grass plan in action it poured (“see the sky ripped open, see the rain pour through the gaping wound, pelting the women and children”). And poured. And poured. And there was nothing to do but cram into the big top even if you couldn’t care less about the band that was on. Though Frenzal were very entertaining and Screamfeeder sounded good. And then when I needed to go to the disgusting (well, for what they were they were actually okay I guess) portaloo I found myself virtually wading ankle deep in mud.

Waiting for Placebo I was getting increasingly shitty with the thoughtless festival crowd, but they were too good to worry too much about it during the set. By Coldplay I was grumpy and my weekend was catching up with me and while they are a good band I think Chris Martin is a Gallagher-esque rock tosser so we left early and walked the 40 minutes back to the beach house like a couple of British tourists- me whining about my lower back and Jane about her knees and feet. Christ don’t tell me we’re past it already.

Placebo were amazing. It was a tease for the Enmore Theatre gig the following Friday- packed with radio songs and energy but with some pleasant surprises- the best one for me was “Black Eyed” off “Black Market Music”.

So the next day we got up, had breakfast, packed up and then went to meet my sister and Katy in town where they had met some friends for breakfast. And only realized as they were leaving that Brian Molko was also having breakfast in the café. They decided to leave him alone.

We left Byron between 11.30am and 12.30pm, figuring we’d be home at 1am at the latest. But that’s when things began to get weird…


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