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2003-04-30 - 4:54 p.m.

100 entries eh- I'm impressed :)

Back in my first entry I wasn't sure if I would write more than one entry- I was inspired then and there but knew I couldn't be trusted to stay motivated. I was also a bit weird about writing personal stuff here for the world to read- or about 5 people, whatever.

The first personal thing I wrote about was the situation with Ellie and Cindy, how it kept coming back to haunt me, how I felt trapped in my little circle. I deliberately keep coming back to circles, because I like the idea of a recurring theme, and because I've always liked the idea of life cycling like the tides, or whatever. In one of my first entries I said I wanted a life "outside the circle". Apparently it's a Dave McCormack song about meeting people outside your group of friends. Annie told me one day when I was bemoaning how ridiculously incestuous my sex life had become.

And then I got together with Annie's best friend.

Annie. That was the next major thing I introduced. Back when I started this diary things were really good with Annie. That was August last year. That's when things were possibly at their best with Annie. Ever since her 21st birthday I think (in July), and while Annie herself went through a really rough patch in late August/ early September, we stayed good probably until the end of October. Though it wasn't until late November/ early December that things really went to shit.

Thankfully I had Jane to help me through that, and she had me to help her with the same thing, although her and I were obviously part of the problem in Annie's eyes.

Okay there endeth the flashback episode, I'm not going to go over all that again, seeing as it was only a couple of weeks ago that I wrote my cast list which pretty much summed it all up.

But still, 100 entries is pretty cool.


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