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2003-04-25 - 12:49 a.m.

I enjoyed writing my last entry. None of this angsty hyperanalytical crap- just what I did, and an general tone of happiness and contentment. Because it was a really good weekend, a really good week, a really good 12 days off work.

So where did I leave off? I went to see silverchair on the Sunday night (13/4). My sister has been obsessed with them since 1994 and I've always hassled her about it and believed they were nothing special and nowhere near worthy of the hype. So I had to swallow my pride to go, particularly with her in tow. But the fact is I liked about one song off the first album and about half of "Neon Ballroom", but "Diorama" is brilliant. It's Daniel John's "Pet Sounds". And it shows he is an incredibly gifted songwriter...

...with no social skills whatsoever, and a God complex. I guess that's what becomes of being in the spotlight since you were 14. As good as they played, I couldn't get over how little he talked to the audience, and the crap he spouted when he did. But it was a good show- even if I was dead on (or off as the case may be- we were seated after all) my feet.

So I took the train back to Jane's place, who had decided against going to silverchair, and who greeted me at the door in her pyjamas. Monday I slept in while Jane went to work, while Tuesday was the only day I didn't see her in two weeks. I got a few miscellaneous mundane things done in the second part of my week off, such as shopping, getting a new phone, cleaning the bathroom and attempting to clean my room.

Wednesday saw us at a much frequented pub in Erskineville with the usual suspects, and I hadn't entirely planned on getting as drunk as I did (remember I'm chronicling how much I had to drink in my time off). Jane and I had dinner at my Uncle's restaurant in Newtown beforehand, polishing off a bottle of white and a couple of beers. We got a lift home, and somewhere between getting in the back driver side door and getting home I decided I had to wait until Jane got out so I could push her seat forward. I also provided much annoyance to Carl and his marvellous mini disc I'm sure with my loud drunken conjectures.

Thursday despite feeling seedy most of the day we drank even more that night. I caught up with my friends from the Entertainment Centre (where I used to wear a bright shirt and sell Ice Creams many years ago)- the turnout was very impressive. There was (and I don't bother with pseudonyms for these guys because I don't have anything incriminating on them- much :) Steve (my best friend since I was 8), Stephanie, Terry, Wendy, Bek, Casey, Ben, Jane and a couple of friends of Steve's and Bek's respectively.

We went to BBQ Kings in the city which is my favourite restaurant, and I was highly impressed that there were lots of adventurous eaters amongsts us, with Terry and I taking control of the ordering, including chicken and jellyfish, chilli salt pork rib, suckling pig and of course Peking Duck. If you're a meat and three veg. person stay away from me and if we ever hang out it will be coffee not dinner you hear?

Drunk far too much wine, beer and, whatever... took Jane home just after midnight (Steve and Steph ended up staying out until the first train), and lets just say alcohol, hormones, didn't quite wait until we got home... it's a pretty dark walk from the station to my place.

Friday we went to a BBQ for the department Jane used to work in (same place she still works) at someone's place in Menai. Then that night I cooked dinner for her, my family and my sister's boyfriend.

Saturday evening I caught up with my three closest friends from high school- Josh, Brett and Greg. Hadn't seen them for ages. Jane stayed for most of it but her best friend who just broke up with his girlfriend needed someone to take him out and get drunk with him. She called me at 6am the next morning as I was getting to work. That's another entry really- the fact that I am completely okay with Jane's relationship with her best friend Mark, and I trust her completely, and as far as I know he probably slept in the same bed as her on Saturday night/ Sunday morning. It's completely not an issue an I'm proud of myself that it's not but I also think it says something really good about us.

So that brings me to the end of my time off. I had a really nice time, I spent lots of time with the girl I love but I also caught up with a lot of old friends and pulled my weight around the house (offering to do the shopping? It's unheard of!).

I'm feeling happy and sane, but I'll stop short of ending on a quote.


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