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2003-04-20 - 6:33 p.m.

I'm back at work after a 12 day hiatus. I figured if I had to work over the Easter weekend then dammit I'd be taking it easy until then. So here's a novel idea- actually tell you what I've been doing with myself. I've been getting really slack writing and then when I do it's usually an update on where things are with Jane and I or Annie and I or whatever, which of course is important, but yeah- I've been doing...stuff.

The day I wrote an entry about feeling a sense of ownership of work after staying back past 3am was on one of my 3 nights before I had my holidays. Ironic that I was feeling so much less positive about work today yet it was a standard morning shift- in at 6am, out before 4pm. But more of that later. Let's look at my break on a day by day basis...

Tuesday 8/4

My first day off, and I wasn't even thinking about feeling guilty for sleeping in until close to 2pm. Incidentally I didn't sleep in my own bed for almost a week after that. After gloriously doing nothing for most of the day (well, there really wasn't much of it) I went over to Jane's and we went to pub trivia. Had dinner, a bottle of wine and a bit, went abysmally at trivia. There's not much more to Tuesday night that I can think of.

Wednesday 9/4

Another day, another morning slept through. I woke up in Jane's bed at about 1.30pm (she left for work at some ridiculous hour), went home for a couple of hours and then drove back to Jane's and caught the train into the city to see the Violent Femmes with Jane, her flatmate and Anthony from work. I ended up pretty drunk that night, after more bottles of wine at my favourite restaurant and a good few beers after that. The Femmes were really good- they played most of the songs I knew- the highlight for me was probably the mid set back-to-ack "Blister in the Sun" and "Kiss Off".

Thursday 10/4

The morning, or lack thereof, mirrored the day before, with Jane going to work and me sleeping in until at least midday. Then I went home again, had to throw some things together for my weekend away, and then back into Jane's place. We kept up our fine habit of a bottle of wine per night with a nice red at a good Italian Restaurant in Leichardt. This time I was driving, so Jane ended up pretty tipsy, which was fun when we went grocery shopping for our weekend.

Friday 11/4

Once again woke up at Jane's place, this time at the very reasonable hour of about 8.30am. We left her place at about 10-ish for a weekend in the Blue Mountains. We didn't really have any concrete plans- we were staying at a lodge in Echo Point (a few kilometres south of the Katoomba town centre, and the location of the 3 sisters), and had various ideas like going to Jenolan Caves, which we decided we couldn't do on the Friday because it was at least another hour from Katoomba and you needed at least half a day there.

We drove down to Wentworth Falls, prepared to do a reasonable amount of walking if it took our fancy, but not committed to anything. I've been there before with Ellie and on the way back from the weekend with my Unifriends last October, and both times only walked the 20 odd minutes to the top of the falls. This time on a whim Jane and I walked down to the base of the falls and completed a 5 hour circuit.

It was a really good day. I said to Jane "I lied about lying about being the outdoor type". All it takes is someone to get me outside and I really enjoy it. Talk about staying at work for 12 hours giving you a sense of accomplishment, I just felt really good about myself after spending 5 hours walking. We've vowed to do it more often. In fact I think we picked the perfect weekend because on the drive home it started to rain and virtually hasn't stopped all week.

The holiday lodges were lovely. I think it was close to $300 for the two of us for two nights, but there were two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom/laundry and it was nice. After our long walk, we must have got there between 5 and 6pm and crashed for a couple of hours. Then we wandered up the street looking for a restaurant and settled on a Swiss place. The owner or Maitre D or whatever was a classic warm and eccentric Swiss lady who moved Jane and I to another table because the one virtually under the register and looking into the kitchen wasn't romantic enough. Another bottle of wine with dinner (I'm just documenting it so I can look back on my 12 days and see how much I had to drink!), and I had rabbit for my main which was really good, and Hot Swiss Chocolate pudding- spare no expense.

Saturday 12/4

The next day we were up pretty early again, so that we could make a day of Jenolan Caves. Must have left at about 11am, after cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast, and got to the Caves not long after midday. We toured two caves- one tour was 90 minutes and the other was an hour, and once again I was genuinely blown away by what I saw. I mean lets face it, sometimes you go places because they are well known (take the 3 sisters) and you have an average time, but our impromptu hike and our caves visit were really good.

That night was I think the second most expensive dinner for two I've ever had (Jane was quick not to let me forget that I took Annie out for seafood on her 21st in Brighton Le-Sands, and I concede that was more)- we decided we'd try a French Restaurant, and while I was a little taken aback to see the set prices were like $55 per head for two courses and $65 for three, we decided that we were there, we were on holidays- what the hell. Or to be more precise Jane said that and I figured if she wasn't concerned about the money the I couldn't very well be. And we even had the third course.

I don't shy away from any food (unless I've already discovered I don't like it), no matter how bizarre. A couple of nights ago I was eating cold chicken and jellyfish (at my favourite restaurant again, with my Entertainment Centre pals), on this particular night I had garlic snails for entree and lambs brain, veal and leek for main. I wouldn't say the latter was anything special, but my point being I'm not put off by anything. Bring on the ox tongue soup I say :) Oh, and we polished off another bottle of wine- that's 5 nights in a row.

Sunday 13/4

This time Jane made me breakfast, then after checking out at about 10am, we wandered down the 50 metres to the 3 sisters lookout, seeing as we hadn't actually done anything but eat and (oh fuck it it's my diary right?) shag where we were staying, but decided we were over walking for the weekend so we didn't go down to the rocks. It's been done before anyway, and the places we went, while far away from where we stayed, were spectacular. So we drove on to the Hydro-Majestic Hotel for coffee and cake and took the long and winding road (an alternate route through Richmond and Windsor) home. And I was fucking exhausted. But I still went to Silverchair that night- with my sister, Cindy, Eegs and Ally. More about that and the rest of my time off later...


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