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2003-03-21 - 1:23 a.m.

This is really anal, but I just wanted to get down a few things I forgot to write about the Bens concert....

The "homoerotic ad lib" I referred to in my review turns out to be a Liz Phair lyric, that she, like Ben did on Tuesday, plays over the "Chopsticks" melody. Ben Folds Five must have done it before because I found it on the net and downloaded it- and got the lyrics off a Liz Phair site.

Also forgot that Ben Folds was ad libbing "My Baby Just Cares For Me" which soon became "My baby just blows for me" in the jam they did when Kweller broke his strap.


Chopsticks (words Liz Phair music trad. arr. Liz Phair)

I met him at a party and he

Told me how to drive him home.

He said he liked to do it backwards.

I said that's just fine with me.

That way we can fuck and watch TV.

It was four a.m. and the light was gray

Like it always is in paperbacks.

He asked if I liked playing jacks.

I told him that I was good to sixes,

But all hell broke loose after that.

I told him that I knew Julia Roberts

When I was twelve at summer camp.

We didn't say anything after that.

I dropped him off and I drove on home

'Cause secretly, I'm timid.


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