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2003-02-19 - 1:54 p.m.

I'm still alive loyal readers (yeah, yeah- just let me pretend there are countless people hanging on my every word :) I just never seem to be in the right frame of mind to sit down and write entries. It's not as if I'm not still on here every day checking my email and catching up on other people's lives :)

I think I want to see the world. I blame Jane for that- you can't just say to her "I reckon *insert random thing that I haven't done* would be cool" as a point of conversation, she'll tell me "well do it" :) And she's very passionate about the travelling thing. She's already been on 2 big overseas trips and it's not like she has lots of money, she just saves it for things she really wants to do. And she's a year younger than me. See this is what I shouldn't do- say "why haven't I done as much as other people my age", I should just do stuff dammit.

Mind you sometimes you just want to hit her...

"Yeah. I feel like I wasted my day getting up at 2pm...."

"So get up earlier. Set your alarm."

Says the girl who told me to make sure she went to work on time this morning but then convinced me that she could stay in bed another half an hour and it would be okay :)

But I digress. Travel...

It would probably be easier to list the places I don't want to see than the ones I do. And even those places the only reason I wouldn't go there is because I wouldn't want to be afraid for my safety. But I guess if you're too careful you'll never live. I mean I wouldn't go near the Middle East, and that's pretty understandable in the current world climate, but then is steering clear of places like Cambodia taking it too far? Yeah they have the whole guerilla regime thing happening and Australians have been kidnapped and murdered there before but shit happens everywhere in the world.

South East Asia- I want to go to Vietnam, Thailand, China (particularly Tibet), the North Island of Japan, India and Nepal. They'd be the main ones. In Europe I'd be keen to do France, Italy, Scandinavia and Spain- well everywhere but you can't be too ambitious. I wonder if you can go from Spain across to Casablanca, that's be cool. There's not much more of Northern Africa I'd be that keen on except for Egypt. I'd like to do the African Safari thing, see Victoria Falls, all of that. Steer clear of Zimbabwe and Johannesburg.

I want to see London, Liverpool and Ireland mainly out of Great Britain. Yes call me sad but I want my picture taken crossing Abbey Road barefoot, and I want to see the shelter in the middle of the roundabout in Penny Lane that's been turned into a Beatles museum, or so I hear, and I want to see where they sacreligiously knocked down the Cavern Club, then realised what a mistake it was and rebuilt it across the road.

Mexico, the Carribean, Rio De Janiero, the Amazon, the relics of the Incan, Mayan and Aztec civilisations, the Andes. The United States obviously but that would be lower down the list because I'd like to see different cultures.

Jane would tell me to just do it. And I should. I should do at least one big trip before I get stuck with a mortgage.

So many places to choose from...


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