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2002-12-11 - 1:42 p.m.

I had a very productive day yesterday. I've been saying that I was going to use my time off work to get my Christmas shopping done, but I was starting to worry that I was letting the time slip by and I hadn't done anything. But in one inspired day yesterday I knocked over more than half of it.

I basically just have my sister and Cindy to get presents for now- I've been told my cousin is buying presents for us this year but she wont be offended if we get her a gift voucher. Considering her and my sister go shopping together to pick what present they want the other to buy, I don't think she takes the whole "it's the thought that counts" line.

And all the presents were really cool. I hate leaving things til the last minute and then just grabbing a book for my Mum out of frustration. I mean I have no problem with the fact that I always get my Mum a book, but the more thought there is put into it the better. I got her the Frida Khalo biography- she's namechecked in a Whitlams song and I remember my Mum showed some interest when I was talking about her. My mother is majorly into art and poetry.

The minute I walked into the bookshop I saw the perfect present for either my Dad, brother or sister- a history of the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Rugby League Team- I decided I'd allocate it to Dad as he is the hardest to buy for and there was lots of stuff from the seventies that he'd remember.

The night before I'd been talking to Jane about shopping- how I didn't really have any solid ideas for my family and I didn't want to be boring and predictable. She suggested a Magic Eight Ball for my brother- I thought this was a great idea, he is certainly lacking direction in his life at the moment and he loves those sort of novelty things- he has a Lava Lamp, 'nuff said? I also got him The (or is that "Da") Ali G book.

In the same conversation with Jane she asked me if I was going to have all my shopping done by last night, and I said "no, I'm not going to make promises I know I wont keep".

To which she replied "that's no fun. You should promise you will have it all done, wrapped, ribboned, and with decorations stuck on". So I humoured her and said I would also be getting a Unicorn and an aviary full of Dodos, Condors and Pterydactyls. So then when I was shopping I bought her a battery operated flying Unicorn mobile (ie one of those things you stick to your roof), wrapped it, ribboned it and stuck Christmas decorations on it.

I also have Ellie's present but I'm not telling ;)

And I've been writing Christmas cards, and I'm actually going to be posting a lot of them. I have nearly 25 people on my list- including unifriends, work people, school friends and all the usual suspects.

Merry Christmas- I'm getting in early this year.


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